Computer Science Large Practical (2015—2016)

Course Description

The Computer Science Large Practical exposes students to the problems that arise with the design and implementation of large scale computer systems, and to methods of coping with such problems. Students will gain experience in how to:

Further details can be obtained by visiting the drps page for the course.




There is no exam for this course, assessment is 100% based on the assigned coursework.


The coursework will be detailed further in the lectures.

The coursework handout is available here.

Example coursework input will appear in the Coursework Examples tab above.

General University and School of Informatics rules for course work


There are two parts, the deadlines are:



Change of venue: The remaining CSLP lectures will be held in the Appleton Tower, Lecture Theatre 2 – see Map.

Upon multiple requests, I included several C programming references in the Clarifications tab.

The slides for the second lecture are available here. PDF version available here.

The slides for the first lecture are available here. PDF version available here.

The coursework handout is available here.


Useful C programming resources:
Boarding time clarification:
The first version of the coursework contained conflicting statements about the time to board/disembark a passenger. This parameter should be given in seconds –the coursework handout has been updated accordingly.
What file format should I expect for the input scripts?
Input scripts will be given in plain text format (but not necessarily with a .txt extension).
How much does the written report weight?
The written report accounts for 25% of the final assessment.

Slides and Lecture Log

Slides for upcoming lectures should appear here before the lecture and will remain once the lecture has been given. Slides are subject to some minor modifications at any time prior to the start of the lecture.

Introduction - 25th September

Slides are available here. I finished at the coursework handout slide here.

I gave an overview of the course and discussed the requirements for the practical. I emphasised that these slides should not be seen as a substitute for reading and comprehending the coursework handout.

PDF version available here.

Simulator Components - 2nd October

Slides are available here. I finished with clarifications and a guest lecture announcement at this slide.

PDF version available here.

Example Input for the Main Coursework

Example input scripts will be made available there throughout the semester.

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