Computer Science Large Practical (2016—2017)

Course Description

The Computer Science Large Practical (CSLP) gives students experience in developing a non-trivial software system and providing some analysis of its behaviour. In particular the student gains practical experience of:

Further details can be obtained by visiting the drps page for the course.




There is no exam for this course, assessment is 100% based on the assigned coursework.


The coursework handout is available here.

General University and School of Informatics rules for course work


There are there parts, the deadlines are:

Getting Help


The coursework handout is available here.

Lecture notes

Slides for upcoming lectures should appear here before the lecture and will remain once the lecture has been given. Slides are subject to some minor modifications at any time prior to the start of the lecture.

1. Introduction. Requirements. Assessment summary. [slides] [PDF]

2. The simulator. Bash scripting. Version control. [slides] [PDF]

3. Route Planning. [slides] [PDF]

4. Graph Traversal. [slides] [PDF]

5. Code Structuring & Coding Strategy. [slides] [PDF]

6. Clarifications & Tips. Code Optimisation. [slides] [PDF]

7. Design Aspects. Summary Statistics. Unit Testing. [slides] [PDF]

8. Results Visualisation. Recap of Part 3 requirements. [slides] [PDF]

Useful resources

Example Input for the Main Coursework

A simple input script containing the coursework example is available here.

An invalid input file with multiple errors is available here.

An example with two small areas following a grid layout is available here.

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