Computational Cognitive Science (2019-2020)

Course Overview

This course aims to introduce students to the basic concepts and methods needed to implement and analyse computational models of cognition. It considers the fundamental issues of using a computational approach to explore and model cognition. In particular, we explore the way that computational models relate to, are tested against, and illuminate psychological theories and data.

The course will mainly focus on probabilistic modelling methodologies, and provide practical experience with implementing models. The main modelling domains covered are memory, vision, and language. Matlab will be used as the modelling language in the assessed parts of the course. Following the textbook, the tutorials will use the statistical language R.


The course will use Piazza for Q and A.

Mailing List

Announcements regarding the course will be posted to the course mailing list ccs-students. All students taking the course are automatically subscribed to this list. Previous postings can be accessed using the ccs-students mailing list archive.

Virtual Learning Environment

The course will use Blackboard Learn for various activities. If you are enrolled in the course, you will automatically have access to the Learn page of the course. Materials that are not Learn are on this web site.


The course will use Matlab for the assignment. Matlab is installed on all DICE machines; if you do not have a DICE account, please apply for one as soon as possible. Octave is a free Matlab clone. The recommended book for learning Matlab is MATLAB Demystified by McMahon (see the reading list for details).

The tutorials will use R and RStudio (also available on DICE), following the textbook.

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