UG4: Computer Algebra

This course runs in semester 2. See the timetable for further details (the code for Computer Algebra is "ca").




The schedulle for this is shown below. Each of the three assignments will be placed on this page at the time of issue and printed versions handed out at the lecture on the date of issue. Three exercises lasting 3 weeks each, note however that each can be down within 2 weeks (the extra week is to help you with scheduling your deadlines). Links will appear here at the appropriate times.


Axiom is a powerful computer algebra system which started being used for the course with the 2015-16 session. It is now available for free (see the links below). The first site has various other resources including a free book, also linked from the third site. The main downside is that the interface is very old fashioned by now but the things that matter most, the mathematical algorithms, are very advanced. If you are using a Mac then make sure you have installed X11 before running Axiom; for Windows follow the instructions on the web site (regrettably I do not know how easy it is to install in this case). Axiom has been tested here on Mac OS and DICE but not yet on Windows.

Informatics DICE account

Please note that you will need an account on the Informatics DICE system. If you are a student from another school without such an account then you can get one from the support office in Forrest Hill, FH3.D09. This is open 14:00-16:00, the telephone number is 502686. Make sure you take your matriculation card when going to the support office.

Kyriakos Kalorkoti, IF5.26a

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