Blockchains and Distributed Ledgers

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Instructor: Aggelos Kiayias
Teaching Assistant: Dimitris Karakostas
Time and Location: Monday, 14:00-15:50. G.06 in 50 George Square .

The class project is available here. Deadline: November 16th - submit at ITO .

The slides for the class are available in this github directory.

Piazza web-site click here.

Class Log
Lecture 01 (17.09.2018) Introduction to blockchains and distributed ledgers, the never ending book parable. Digital Signatures and Hash Functions.
Presentation: slides

Lecture 02 (24.09.2018) Description of the bitcoin "backbone." Proof of work.
Presentation: slides

Lecture 03 (03.10.2018) The blockchain as a platform. introduction to Ethereum.
Presentation: slides

Lecture 05 (7.10.2018) Incentives for blockchain protocols.
Presentation: slides

Lecture 04 (14.10.2018) Data structures for blockchain protocols. Variable difficulty. Blockchain Protocol variants.
Presentation: slides

Lecture 06 (21.10.2018) Sharing responsibility in blockchain protocols. Multi-signatures. Secret-Sharing. Secure multiparty computation. Fair protocols.
Presentation: slides

Lecture 07 (28.10.2018) Anonymity and Privacy in blockchain protocols. Coinjoin transactions. Mix-nets. Ring signatures. Zero-knowledge proofs.
Presentation: slides (exclude slides 45-49)

Lecture 08 (5.11.2018) Permissionless vs. Permissioned Ledgers. BFT and PoS-based approaches for permissioned Dynamic participation.
Presentation: slides

Lecture 09 (12.11.2018) Pitfalls and security vulnerabilities in smart contracts. Common bugs and hazards. The DAO attack. Ponzi Schemes. Using Libraries. Programming advice.
Presentation: slides

Lecture 10 (19.11.2018) Network and blockchain systems. Eclipse attacks. Network partitioning attacks. The distributed ledger ecosystem. Colored Coins. Registries. Legal aspects. ICOs. The Howey Test.
Presentation: slides

Summary (26.11.2018) Summary and Overview. Student Questions.

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