Blockchains and Distributed Ledgers

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Instructor: Aggelos Kiayias
Teaching Assistant: Dimitris Karakostas
Time and Location: Monday, 14:10-16:00. Appleton Tower 2.12 .

The class project will be made available here

Reading material for this class will be available in this github directory. For the study guide please see below.

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Class schedule and Study Guide
Lecture 01 (16.09.2019) Introduction to blockchains and distributed ledgers, the never ending book parable. Relevant cryptographic primitives. Digital Signatures and Hash Functions.
Study slides 1-46

Lecture 02 (23.09.2019) The blockchain network and data structures. Transactions.
Study all slides except 25-37, 53-59,

Lecture 03 (30.09.2019) The blockchain as a platform. introduction to Ethereum.
Study all slides except 95-98, 105-106

Lecture 04 (07.10.2019) Pitfalls and security vulnerabilities in smart contracts. Common bugs and hazards. The DAO attack. Ponzi Schemes. Using Libraries. Programming advice.
Study all slides.

Lecture 05 (14.10.2019) The consensus problem.
Study all slides except 36-47, 57-65

Lecture 06 (21.10.2018) Distributed ledger economics and incentives.
Study all slides.

Lecture 07 (28.10.2019) Byzantine fault tolerance and PoS Blockchains. Permissionless vs. Permissioned Ledgers. BFT and PoS-based approaches for permissioned Dynamic participation
Study all slides except 32-38.

Lecture 08 (4.11.2019) Anonymity and Privacy in blockchain protocols. Coinjoin transactions. Mix-nets. Ring signatures. Zero-knowledge proofs.
Study all slides except 17, 36-38.

Lecture 09 (11.11.2019) Secure Multiparty Computation
Study all slides except 7-9, 11, 14, 23, 31-32, 46-47

Lecture 10 (18.11.2019) Network and blockchain systems. Eclipse attacks. Network partitioning attacks. The distributed ledger ecosystem. Colored Coins. Registries. Legal aspects. ICOs. The Howey Test.
Study all slides except 33-34

Summary (25.11.2018) Summary and Overview. Student Questions.

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