AI Large Practical (AILP), 2017–18

DRPS Course Descriptor


Week 1: Lecture Wednesday: Apologies for no-show of the lecturer

This was due to some confusion of the date of the first lecture. This will take place on Wednesday 27 September at 0900 in room 2.12 of Appleton Tower. The dates, times and places of meetings is correct on this webpage but there may still be some modification of the practical texts before the first nexture on 27 September.

Meeting times

The Topic

The topic of the AILP is argumentation systems: systems that support deployment of and reasoning about evidence for and against some course of action.

Here are some useful documents that give an introduction to the area. You are invited to take a look at these before the course gets underway.


There are three assignments:

2017-18 Slides


We will use a wiki as a forum for discussion and questioning during the course.

Office Hours

I will be available Thursdays, 10:30-11:30, 2.10a Informatics Forum.


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