Problems/comments on infposter.cls

Some problems with graphics 

There's a known bug in xfig which will cause some parts of graphics to go black during printing on the large plotters.

The problem and workarround are described here: There is another workarround that we used, which was to convert the eps files generated by xfig into large gif images and then convert them back to eps (using gimp and convert).

Spacing, colour of lines

You may have to add some vertical spaces before some headings in order to change the colour of the vertical line between the columns. It seems that depending on a heading (default=blue) position in a particular column, the vertical line immediately to the right was having its colour changed from black to blue. And this was not so evident when previewing the poster on screen.

Changing orientation from landscape to portrait

When changing orientation from landscape to portrait, the School logo goes too far to the right and overlaps with the blue border.


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