Infposter.cls and the Informatics poster competition

What this is about

This page tells you how to make a poster with infposter.cls (the Informatics Latex Poster Class) for the Informatics PhD poster competition. Infposter.cls is a replacement for csposter.cls which was used in previous years for the competition.

The guidelines below assume you are running Latex on a standard DICE computer. Generating posters on machines other than DICE computers is not supported.

Core documentation

Read the Guide to producing a poster with Latex.

Some difficulties people have found with the poster format.

If you wish to use another software package to produce your poster (e.g. Adobe Illustrator), you will still need to generate a postscript version of your poster for printing. Problems may occur when printing your postscript file and every effort will be made to overcome them, however we may need to find an external printer so don't submit your poster in the last minute!

You can find infposter.cls on a standard DICE machine by typing the command 'locate infposter.cls'.

Example files

There is LaTeX source for a simple example poster, and also the formatted A0 PostScript (you will need to reduce the scale of your PostScript previewer to look at this).

A more complicated example (due to Steve Cusack) is also available. All the files for it are in this directory. The formatted PostScript is this file. Note that this poster comes out in portrait format, whereas the competition posters should be landscape (which is the default).

Examples of posters from previous years' competitions can be accessed from the Poster Competition web page..

Viewing and printing your poster

The easiest way of viewing your masterpiece is to download this Makefile and put it in the same directory as your poster. Read the top of the makefile for the options it offers.

The make view option scales your poster to A4 for easier viewing, and printing to an A4 sized printer. Before sending your poster to the A0 printer, you need to scale it to A0, with make scalea0, this should produce poster.eps but scaled to A0. To avoid expensive mistakes, you should view this with gv too. However, due to the scale of the poster you may find this awkward. This page gives pointers on how to configure gv to make it easier, and points out what to look for before sending the file to the printer.

If your poster is not for the Jamboree, contact your local support to make arrangements for printing.

Submitting your final version

Please contact Zoe Wyatt,,  to register your intention to enter the competition. This will enable us to make adequate arrangements to display the posters.

When you are happy with your poster, send it to the EUCS A0 plotter following the instructions at Remembering that it costs us real money (at least £10 per A0 printout). You should also send to Zoe an A4 PDF version (use the ps2pdf command) for display on the web.

If you have already presented your poster at a conference, please let Zoe have the following details - conference title, dates and place.

The following shows you where to put your file, and what the resulting URL is, assuming your login name is user and your file is called myposter.eps.

File location


Corresponding URL

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