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Tutor & Demonstrator Workshops

School Tutor & Demonstrator Support

The following internal tutor and demonstrator workshops are planned to provide specific advice for Informatics Tutors and Demonstrators: 

  • Recruitment Meeting [Forum G.07 - Thu 13th Sep, 1.00pm]

  • Induction Meeting [AT Level 4 - Mon 17th Sep, 2-4pm]

  • Troubleshooting Workshop [AT Level 4 - Mon 8th Oct, 2-4pm]

  • Marking & Feedback Workshop [AT Level 4 - Mon 22nd Oct, 2-4pm]

  • Student Support Workshop [AT Level 4 - Mon 12th Nov, 2-4pm]

All training sessions are paid [via the timesheet] and are open to all PGR students who have previously tutored, or are considering tutoring during the following session.

Additional online training resources.