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Training & Resources

Support for Tutors and Demonstrators

Informatics has set up a programme of support for tutors and demonstrators with help from the Institute for Academic Development, which is designed to provide specific advice to Teaching Support staff appointed by the IGS and ITO and anyone else with teaching responsibilities in Informatics.  This includes a series of sessions run for Informatics tutors specifically, and support for making an application for accreditation to the Higher Education Academy (HEA) for people who are interested in developing their teaching beyond the basics (e.g. for Principal's Career Development Scholarships students) (the School can cover the cost of your application).

Support for Tutors and Demonstrators and PCD Studentship Candidates from the School of Informatics

A series of short tutor induction sessions are held on Monday early afternoons in weeks 1, 4, 6 and 9 of first semester, each with a different theme.  These sessions are open to all PGR students with current teaching roles, participation in these sessions can be claimed back through your timesheets.  The sessions provide detailed guidance and offer tutors the chance to meet and discuss issues of direct relevance to their roles. A subsequent 3 additional sessions are being planned for semester 2. For details:

The two documents below provide additional guidance for developing teaching within Informatics: 

General University Support for Tutors and Demonstrators, via the Institute for Academic Development

Additionally, the Institute for Academic Development (IAD) provides the University with a number of useful resources related to teaching development, particularly for tutors and demonstrators.  These are targeted to all staff/students from across the University and are therefore generic in character.  The IAD workshops are recommended especially if for some reason you cannot participate in the Informatics tutors' sessions, or if you are interested in developing your teaching further.


For more information please contact Informatics Student Services.