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Resigning from your Teaching Support Position

At the end of each session (during the early part of summer vacation), the School will identify and contact inactive Teaching Support staff to confirm whether they wish to be considered for future teaching related vacancies. 

For the purpose of this process, Teaching Support staff who haven't worked during Semester 1 or 2 of the previous session will be considered as inactive.  If contacted, those who want to retain their Teaching Support contract for the following session will be asked to confirm their status within 4 weeks of receipt of the original message.  Anyone who doesn't respond by the end of the 4 week period will be assumed to have resigned from their Teaching Support role.  The School will then notify Salaries Office and ensure that all P45 and salary advice information is forwarded to the current home address held on the HR file.

Queries associated with the Teaching Support contract closure process should be directed to