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Payment Information

Informatics Teaching Support staff are signed up to a generic post titled 'Teaching Support Provider' and appointed to a spinal point on the University's pay scale.

Teaching Support Contract

On the assumption that all applicants have already submitted the Applicant Information form, Student Services will begin work on setting up your contract with Human Resources.  You will need to provide additional passport ID or visa right to work documentation as part of the appointment process

Student Services will contact you once the contract is ready for collection, you must sign and return the enclosed paperwork, otherwise your contract will not be valid.  Please ensure that you complete this paperwork as quickly as possible so that your contract can be finalised.  Note that subsequent timesheet claims can only be accepted once you have received and signed your contract.

You will also be provided with a staff card, although we realise that existing students may decide to continue to use their student card, there is no obligation for you to activate the staff card, although we understand that activated staff cards enable you to borrow books from the library for a longer period of time, and entitle you to use staff discounts scheme.  Those wishing to access the staff MyEd pages and activate their new staff card should follow the instructions provided alongside the Teaching Support contract.

Contracted Hours

Informatics Teaching Support staff will receive a contract offering a minimum of 20hrs of paid employment per session.  In practice Teaching Support staff can apply for multiple positions, and are generally free to work up to 132hrs without further academic justification.  Upon appointment to an individual course post (Tutor, Demonstrator, Marker etc), Student Services will specify the number of hours associated with that role, you must not work any additional hours without the express permission of Informatics Student Services:

  • the course lecturer or PGR supervisor does not have the authority to increase the allocated hours.

  • all students working in a Teaching Support role should agree a schedule of work with their academic supervisor, and review this regularly throughout semester.  

  • the total number of hours agreed should equal the allocated number of contracted Teaching Support hours.

  • all students working in a Teaching Support role should contact their academic supervisor if they are working at more than 20% above profile in any week.

  • all students working in a Teaching Support role who reach 90% of the total number of allocated hours must report this to Informatics Student Services.

Timesheet Submission

Teaching Support staff are paid monthly in arrears but payments can only be made after submission of a timesheet to Student Services.  The deadline for submission of timesheets is usually around the 25th of the Month, however please note this may vary.  The deadline for timesheets will confirmed via email each month and payment will be made at the end of the following month.  All work should be claimed for at single time (i.e. 1hrs work = 1hrs payment) with the exception of tutoring.

The University has agreed that in order to provide an acceptable standard of tutorial, the tutor should spend 1hrs preparing for that tutorial.  For tutoring claims you may therefore claim double time (i.e. 1hrs work = 2hrs payment).  Please record this accurately on the front of this form in the ‘Hours Worked’ section.  All timesheet submissions are checked before being passed to Salaries for payment, an inaccurate claim may result in delayed payment.

Salaries Office and Human Resources have advised that regular timesheet claims must be made throughout the session, rather a single claim for all hours undertaken at the end of a semester.  Please aim to submit one timesheet each month which includes all of hours undertaken since the previous timesheet was submitted.  Claims will still be accepted for outstanding hours, or for claims which have been delayed while awaiting the completion of the contract process.

Payment for RAs

Please note that part-time RAs can be paid by contract and timesheet, as detailed above.  Full-time RAs are expected to contribute to teaching within the School as part of their contractual obligations and cannot be paid extra for this work.  You are advised to check on your staff and possible payment status at the time of application, helping to ensure that you don't complete work that subsequently can't be recompensed.  RAs who do decide to apply for these posts, should firstly check with their PI before committing to this work.

Payment for PCD Scholarship Students

Students funded via the teaching strand of the Principal's Career Development scholarship are encouraged to contribute up to 150hrs of teaching work per session, meaning payment cannot be made via the timesheet process.  PCD students will be approached prior to the start of session to identify courses that they'd like to contribute to, usually signing up to advertised tutor, demonstrator, marker or Teaching Assistant positions.