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Application and Appointment Process

You must complete the following two stages when applying for any positions within the School of Informatics.

Stage 1

If you have not previously done so, please complete an Applicant Information Form.  This form provides us with the information we need to generate any future Teaching Support contract, and gives the recruiting academic some more detailed information on your skills, experience and work preferences.  PGR students are asked to submit a new version of this form annually, helping us to maintain accurate applicant records.  Please also refer to the Informatics Taught Course Information for help in completing your form.

Once completed you must bring the following identification documents to Informatics Student Services (Room B.15, Forrest Hill) as soon as possible.  Note that in order to comply with HR and UKBA regulations, you CANNOT start work until your ID has been verified by the Student Services team.   

  • Passport
  • EU National ID Card (EU Nationals only)
  • Visa/Other Supporting Documentation (if you are a non-UK citizen)

For students who hold a Tier 4 visa, you are also required to supply a ‘Tier 4 Semester Dates Letter’, which you can obtain from Student Information Points or can be requested on-line:

Stage 2

Once you have submitted the form, please view the current vacancies and send an email to to apply for specific positions.  At this stage it is probably also sensible to contact the lecturer directly to discuss the post and the contribution you can make.  If the lecturer has approached you, you must still apply for the vacant position, using the above email alias.

When applying for a vacancy, please make sure you clearly state the course title, the type of work you are applying for (tutor, demonstrator, marker etc) and the number of hours/groups you wish to be considered for.  You should also check with your studentship sponsor, grant holder or supervisor to make sure that they are happy for you to undertake this work.


All Students

  • University regulations stipulate that full-time PhD students may undertake up to 6 hours work per week during semester time, making the recommended limit 132 hours per year, this doesn't apply to PCD students on the teaching track.  The Graduate School, in consultation with the relevant PGR supervisor, will check and authorise all duties assigned to students who have already committed to 132hrs during that session.

  • UG and MSc students are usually only offered positions as demonstrators.  If you feel that you are sufficiently qualified for a tutoring post, contact with further information.  Undergraduate students are rarely given work unless their marks are of >70% standard.

  • All matriculated students [Home, EU or Overseas] wishing to work in a Teaching Support role must submit all passport information [including any visa and right to work documentation] to Informatics Student Services prior to making any application.

  • Overseas students wishing to be appointed to a Teaching Support contract must submit all passport, visa and right to work documentation to Informatics Student Services prior to making any application.

  • Overseas PGR students funded via an RA contract can only work 20hrs a week as a part-time RA.  This is a rule associated with their visa conditions, meaning additional appointment in a Teaching Support role is not permitted.

Research Staff

  • Full-time RAs are encouraged to take on some tutoring or demonstrating work as part of their standard duties.
  • Part-time RAs can be paid for any tutoring/demonstrating etc work they do (HR rules mean the School is unable to pay full-time RAs).
  • Part-time overseas studentship RAs cannot apply for Teaching Support work (see overseas students section below).


Once appointed, Informatics Student Services will be in touch to help arrange your Teaching Support contract, see Payment Information.