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General Contact Information

The Informatics Teaching Organisation (ITO) provide continuing help and advice on all aspects of study in the school. You can contact members of the Student Support Team in person and online throughout the year.

The following tables give individual contact points for specific questions. If you are not sure who to ask then go to the ITO first.

Area First Point of Contact
Overall Co-ordination of UG2 Courses Year Organiser: Sharon Goldwater
Course Content Course Lecturers, as below and in the sortable list of courses
Confidential Enquiries & Student Support
Your Personal Tutor, or via Informatics Teaching Organisation
Teaching Administration & General Enquiries Informatics Teaching Organisation
Computing, DICE and Informatics Labs Informatics Computing Support Help Desk

Course Lecturers

Course Lecturer
Informatics 2A: Processing Formal and Natural Languages John Longley and Alex Simpson
Informatics 2B: Algorithms, Data Structures, Learning Kyriakos Kalorkoti and Hiroshi Shimodaira
Informatics 2C: Introduction to Computer Systems Boris Grot
Informatics 2C: Introduction to Software Engineering Ajitha Rajan
Informatics 2D: Reasoning and Agents Michael Rovatsos and Alex Lascarides
Discrete Mathematics and Mathematical Reasoning Colin Stirling and Myrto Arapinis

Personal Tutors

Every student has a Personal Tutor (PT), a member of teaching staff who provides academic guidance and support. You can find out their name and contact details on the Personal Tutor channel of the MyEd portal. Alternatively, ask a member of the Student Support Team at the ITO. You can contact your PT by email or telephone, or stop by their office. You can also arrange a face-to-face meeting.

You will meet your personal tutor at the start of each semester. However, you can also contact them at any time through the year. In particular, if you have any difficulties, such as illness or personal circumstances that may affect your study, please tell your personal tutor as soon as possible. You can do this by email, or arrange a meeting in person. Your personal tutor will advise on any support we can offer, and also record this information confidentially. It is extremely important to do this as soon as you are able: it means that we can act right away if your assessment or examinations are likely to be affected; and your personal tutor can represent your case, in confidence, to the Board of Examiners if necessary.

Information submitted after exam results are finalised can only be considered through a formal appeal, and even then only if there is a good reason it could not have been reported earlier.


If you know of any impairment or disability that could adversely affect your studies, or suspect that you may suffer from such a disability, please contact the Student Disability Service and arrange to meet with an Advisor there. The Disability Service can assess and arrange appropriate adjustments to help with your study.