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Programme Guide


All Informatics MSc programmes are split into two elements: two semesters of lecture-based teaching including the compulsory Informatics Research Review (IRR) and Informatics Research Proposal (IRP), followed by a major individual project in a chosen specialist area. Together, these span a full twelve month period. The lectures are followed by examinations in December and/or April/May. Thereafter, students pursue their project work and write a dissertation on the project, this is assessed in August/September. The following web links are intended to help students navigate through the course registration process, then provide further information on the MSc programme.

Part time students do half of their lecture-based courses and IRR in their first year, the other half of their courses and IRP in their second year, and their project throughout the third year. Those wanting to complete their project during the Summer immediately after their second year can apply to transfer to the full time programme.

Courses and Specialist Areas Advice on the grouping of courses, relating to particular programmes.
Course Registration Online registration of course choices by the end of Week 1.
Teaching Timetables Informatics course timetabling information, including venues and semester dates.
Taught Course Information General information relating to Informatics courses and processes.
Coursework and Projects Advice on the submission of coursework, plagiarism and the MSc Dissertation
Changing MSc Programme Information on how to change to another Informatics MSc programme of study.
Examination & Progression to Dissertation Summary of the MSc Board of Examiners process, and progression to Dissertation
Degree Regulations & Programmes of Study Programme specific degree requirements and options.
Academic Appeals Important University information on the academic appeals process.
Assessment Regulations University minimum requirements and standards for students and staff.
Tier 4 Visa information Students on a Tier 4 Visa have certain obligations imposed by the UK.
PGT code of practice UoE code of practice for taught postgraduate programmes