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Timetable Changes for 2010/11

This page lists timetable changes made for 2010/11, in comparison with the 2009/10 course timetable. Please contact Neil McGillivray for more detailed information on any of these changes.


Course Title


10/11 Time

Explanation of Change

Updated on...

ABS Agent Based Systems [Level 9/10] 2 Mon/Thu 10am New version returns for 2010/11, previous version not taught since 2008/09 Timetable & EUCLID
ANLP Advanced Natural Language Processing 1 Tue/Fri 9am & Wed 10am Additional lecture slot added for 2010/11, fully approved by BoS Timetable & EUCLID
CCS Computational Cognitive Science 1 Tue/Fri 2pm New course, replacing Introduction to Cognitive Science Timetable & EUCLID
APL Advances in Programming Languages 1 Tue/Fri 10am Moved to Sem 1 for 2010/11 Timetable & EUCLID
CNV Computational Neuroscience of Vision 2 Mon/Thu 12noon Course returns after being suspended during 2009/10 Timetable & EUCLID
COMN Computer Communications & Networks 2 Mon/Thu 9am Course returns to Sem 2 slot for 2010/11 Timetable & EUCLID
EAC Energy Aware Computing [Level 10/11] 1 Tue/Fri 2pm Course returns after being suspended during 2009/10 Timetable & EUCLID
EXC Extreme Computing 1 Mon/Thu 4pm New course for 2010/11 Timetable & EUCLID
FNLP Foundations of Natural Language Processing 2 Tue/Fri 10am Lecture time changed to assist with allocation of duties Timetable & EUCLID
INF1-CG Informatics 1 - Cognitive Science 1 Tue/Thu 2pm & Fri 3pm New first year course, replacing CFCS1 Timetable & EUCLID
INF2C-CS Informatics 2C - Introduction to Computer Systems 1 Tue/Fri 3pm New course, replacing computer systems half of old INF2C Timetable & EUCLID
INF2C-SE Informatics 2C - Introduction to Software Engineering 1 Tue 5pm & Thu 3pm New course, replacing software engineering half of old INF2C Timetable & EUCLID
IPBC Information Processing in Biological Cells - - Course now owned by Biology, therefore scheduled at KB Timetable & EUCLID
IT Information Theory 1 Tue/Fri 2pm New course for 2010/11 Timetable & EUCLID
LA Logic and Automata [Level 10/11] 1 Wed 11-1pm Course returns after being suspended during 2009/10 Timetable & EUCLID
NAT Natural Computing 1 Tue/Fri  3pm New course for 2010/11, replacing GAGP Timetable & EUCLID
NLU Natural Lanuage Understanding [Level 10/11] - - Course suspended for 2010/11 Timetable & EUCLID
PI Professional Issues [Level 10] 1 Mon/Thu 11am Course returns to Sem 1 for 2010/11 Timetable & EUCLID
SAPM Software Architecture Process & Mgmt. [Level 10/11] 2 Tue/Fri 9am Lecture time changed for 2010/11 Timetable & EUCLID
TM Theories of Mind [Level 10/11] - - Course not being delivered in 2010/11, PPLS version running as replacement Timetable & EUCLID
TCM Topics in Cognitive Modelling [Level 10/11] 2 Tue/Fri 10am New course, replacing Cognitive Modelling Timetable & EUCLID