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Ordinary Degrees

Each of our BSc and BEng honours degrees has a corresponding "BSc Ordinary in a Designated Discipline", where the designated discipline is taken from the title of the honours degree.

The rules governing these degrees are drawn from the common principles laid down by the College of Science and Engineering, supplemented with a small number of constraints which are local to the School of Informatics. Students must ensure that their chosen programme of study fulfils both sets of requirements.

Please note that there are no BSc Ordinary designated discipline degrees derived from the MAs with honours in Artificial Intelligence & Philosophy, Computer Science & Philosophy, Cognitive Science or Linguistics & AI. Students switching from these degrees to an ordinary should look to the BSc General, BSc Ordinary in AI, BSc Ordinary in Computer Science, or to Ordinary degrees within the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, as appropriate.

College Rules

The definitive statement on College rules is to be found in the DRPS and should be consulted in collaboration with the Director of Studies. We outline the key points here for students' convenience. To qualify for the award of a BSc in a designated discipline, students require the following:

  • A total of 360 points;
  • At least 240 points from courses in Science & Engineering schedules (K–Q) or subject areas Language Sciences or Psychology (both schedule I);
  • At least 200 points at SCQF levels 8, 9 or 10; and
  • At least 80 points at SCQF levels 9 or 10 in the designated discipline (together with any prerequisite courses)

For example, for a BSc Ordinary in the designated discipline of Artificial Intelligence, a student (who had no other outstanding points to catch up) could take 80 points of courses at level 9 (i.e. third year honours), in subject areas named in the honours AI degree, and 40 points of other courses, at a lower level, from elsewhere in the School, College or University.

As with honours degrees, the Exam Board and College have some flexibility in awarding compensatory passes. For example, regarding the required 80 points at levels 9 and 10, the Exam Board may award compensatory passes to make up the 80 points in cases where the corresponding courses have been passed on aggregate, rather than all separately. Similarly, regarding the 120 points required in a normal third year, the board may award a compensatory pass up to 120 points in cases where these courses have been passed on aggregate and in which at least 80 points have been passed separately.

It is possible to resit level 9 courses, but only for the purpose of acquiring the BSc Ord in a designated discipline.

School of Informatics Rules

Students are further subject to the following conditions for ordinary degrees involving the School of Informatics.

  • With the exception of Professional Issues (which is at level 10), no courses may be chosen above level 9 without special permission of the Head of School acquired through the Director of Teaching.
  • When you look at the degree programme table for the third year of the honours degree which corresponds to your Ordinary degree, you will find a number of named subject areas (such as "Computer Science" or "Artificial Intelligence"). For the purposes of the Ordinary degree, points which are required to come from your "Designated Discipline" can be taken in any courses from any subject area named in the relevant degree table. You are not required to follow the more detailed rules for honours students (e.g. 10 points in subject area A, 20 points in subject area B and so on). You can find out about the subject areas to which courses belong by consulting the local list of Informatics courses or the relevant pages of the DRPS.
  • Ordinary degrees derived from single honours degrees
    • Must include at least 80 points in the subject area(s) corresponding to the Designated Discipline.
    • For AI & CS and AI & SE, must include at least 30 points in subject areas corresponding to each of these two Designated Displines.
    • Must include one Large Practical and/or the System Design Practical.
  • Ordinary degrees derived from single honours degrees with a subsidiary subject
    • Must include at least 60 points in the subject area(s) corresponding to the main Designated Discipline.
    • Must include at least 20 points in subject areas corresponding to the subsidiary Designated Discipline.
    • Must include one Large Practical and/or the System Design Practical.
  • Ordinary degrees derived from combined honours degrees
    • Must include at least 80 points from subject areas corresponding to the Designated Disciplines, and at least 30 points in each.