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Semester 2 Registration

Informatics Course Confirmation


All students should have registered for a full set of courses at the start of semester 1, so there is no requirement to fill out a registration form at this stage. However, you are encouraged to double-check your online student record through MyEd to confirm that your course choices are accurate and up-to-date.  Students in undergraduate years 1 and 2 should contact their PT with any course change requests.

For all other Informatics students, if you wish to make any changes to your courses then you should tell the ITO using the usual online form. Please do this as soon as possible, and in any case by Wednesday 22nd  January 2014. After this date we cannot change course registration.

Link: How to contact the Informatics Teaching Organisation (ITO)

It is important that all students are registered for the right number of courses, measured in SCQF credit points:

  • Students in year 3, 4 or 5 of an Informatics degree (including MInf) must register for exactly 120 points.
  • Students studying on one of the Informatics MSc degree programmes must register for exactly 180 points.
  • Students in the Neuroinformatics DTC during their first-year taught component must register for exactly 180 points.
  • PhD students who wish to take an Informatics course should follow the PGR taught course registration guidelines.


It is your responsibility to check that you have chosen an appropriate set of courses (equalling the correct number of points and accessible via the course timetable) to meet your degree requirements and to approach the School Curriculum Approval Office, Alex Simpson if you require special permission to take a course which is not normally available to you.

Please only submit one version of your choices using this web form, subsequent course changes must be sent to the ITO at the earliest opportunity.  Note that the ITO will insist that you are registered for the above number of points at all times.

Course Registration Form