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PGR Taught Course Registration

Course Registration for Research Students

Students studying for MSc by Research (not DTC Neuroinformatics or CDTs) or PhD who wish to register for undergraduate or MSc taught courses must proceed as follows:

  • Contact the course lecturer, asking them approve you enrolment for their course. You need to tell the lecturer whether you wish to be fully assessed on the course or whether you just wish to attend the lectures. Only students who are undertaking the assessment may attend tutorials and demonstration sessions.
  • Once the lecturer has approved your attendance on the course you must ensure that you are enrolled for it on EUCLID, with the correct Course Study Mode (C - if you are just attending the lectures, CA - if you will be assessed but the course does not have an exam, CE - if you will be assessed and the course has an exam).
  • Postgraduate research students from schools other than Informatics should contact their Programme Director or appropriate PG Secretary to arrange course registration. Informatics staff cannot edit EUCLID records for students registered on a non-Informatics programme
  • Informatics students should complete the course registration form, providing information about any lecturer approval in the comments box. This form will be submitted to ITO, who will check and register your choices.
  • Course registration information can be viewed on MyEd, usually within 48hrs of the form submission.
  • Students who do not already have an Informatics DICE account will receive one within a few days of enrolling for the course on EUCLID. Students who are not enrolled on EUCLID will not be given a DICE accounts, or added to the course email lists. Your DICE account can be collected from the Student Services office, on Level 4 of Appleton Tower.