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Student Representation

There are Informatics Student Representatives (reps) at all levels of study in the school.

Course reps

Some courses, particularly those with a large number of students, have student reps just for that course. These reps are usually named on the course web page, and liaise between the students and the course lecturer. If you have a question or a suggestion about a course you are studying, you can go either directly to the lecturer or talk to a course rep about it.

Class reps

For each year of study in Informatics there are up to four class reps. These are students are chosen at the beginning of the year and usually represent a diverse mix of student programmes, such as different degrees or single/combined honours study.

Class reps participate in Staff-Student Rep (SSR) meetings with the Director and Deputy Director of Teaching during semesters.
They are expected to actively contribute to the SSR blog at

They are also part of the Staff-Student Liaison Committee (SSLC) for the year, which meets each semester with the Year Organiser and course lecturers.

If you have a question or suggestion which goes beyond an individual course, affects the whole year, or which has not been addressed by your course rep or lecturer, then please contact the class reps for your year. Your class reps for 2013-14 are still being elected, once available details will be added below:

Undergraduate Year 1
Carla Boczor
Bartosz Andrzejewksi
Abirami Byju

Undergraduate Year 2
Daniel Gallagher
Connor Stuart
Iulia Banghea
Oana Radu
Undergraduate Year 3
Skyler Welch
Ioan Stanciu
Owen Gillespie
Aneesh Ghosh
Undergraduate Year 4
Clemens Wolff
Nikolay Bogoychev
Radu Oprescu

Undergraduate Year 5
Dale Myers
Darius Scerbavicius

Niusha Amiri
PingPing Dai
Tobias Fischer
Abhi Lalwani
Gan Zhang

School reps

Each year students elect three school reps — two undergraduate, one postgraduate — to the Edinburgh University Students' Association (EUSA) and who sit on the EUSA Academic Council. The Student Councils work to improve the student experience at Edinburgh, and campaign on issues students care about.

If you have an issue which relates to the whole school, activities beyond Informatics, or would like to know more about EUSA activities, please contact your school reps. These are your school reps for 2013-14:

School Reps
Nantas Nardelli
Martin Asenov

You can send mail to all the student reps together at

Interested in being a rep?

See this separate page about the responsibilities and rewards of being a rep.

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