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Student Prizes

Recognition of Outstanding Performance


The Informatics Student Prize Scheme aims to recognize and reward excellent performance across the curriculum. For past winners of prizes, please visit our Archive of School Prize Winners.

Prize Sponsorship

The School of Informatics wishes to thank all of the following sponsors for their support.


Accenture sponsor a Systems Design Project prize.

British Computer Society

The British Computer Society Prize is awarded for top performance in the third-year Professional Issues course.

Siobhan Clarke and Family

The Kevin Clarke Memorial Prize was established in 1993 in memory of Kevin Clarke, and is awarded to the best final-year student performance in Computer Science and Mathematics.


FreeAgent sponsor the System Design Project Judges Award.


Google sponsor two prizes: one for top performance in the CS/SE Individual Practical course, taught in the third year; and another for the highest-performing student in Phase 1 of the MInf Project. They also sponsor a Systems Design Project prize.


Imagination sponsor the System Design Project Innovation prize

JP Morgan

The JP Morgan Prize for Computer Science is awarded to the student who has obtained the highest overall mark in the BSc/BEng Computer Science Degree.

Jim Howe

The Jim Howe Trust Fund sponsors two prizes: the Howe Undergraduate Prize for the best performance in Artificial Intelligence by a final-year student, and the Howe Masters Prize awarded to the best student performance on the Artificial Intelligence MSc.

Marks & Clerk

Marks & Clerk sponsor the System Design Project Innovation prize

Sidney Michaelson and Family

The Sidney Michaelson Prize was established in 1991 in memory of Sidney Michaelson and is awarded to the most deserving student.

Microsoft Research

The Microsoft Research Prize is awarded for the best undergraduate final-year project.

Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley sponsor two prizes, for Top Performance in Penultimate Year for Computer Science and Software Engineering.


The Netcraft Prizes are awarded to the 6 undergraduate students with best performance in third year.

NCR Corporation

NCR Corporation offer a prize for the undergraduate student with the best fourth-year performance.


The Xerox Prize is awarded to the student who has produced the most outstanding project in the Artificial Intelligence MSc.