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Warning: These pages are now out of date. Please use the new site at


If you want to set up your own site on the Informatics servers, or edit an existing site, there are several alternative systems.

Personal home pages
Staff and students can publish personal pages on the server.
University web publishing service
Major University websites, including the Informatics front pages, are managed using Polopoly. Access is restricted to specific trained staff: in the case of Informatics, contact to find out more.
Informatics web server
Most web pages for individual courses and some research groups are stored here. Authorisation and content is managed through CVS for remote access and version control. Staff can apply online for a publishing account.
Informatics Content Management System
Web pages for the ITO (including this one) and some Institute web sites are help in a Zope/Plone content management system. Informatics staff and students can request access to edit existing sites or to create a new site