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Career Services and Presentations

It's never too early to think about your future career!

Gaining a degree from a highly regarded university is a great start…but in this competitive environment graduate employers are looking for more. To make the most of your time at university, start your career planning early and take advantage of opportunities to develop your skills and experience…and it’s not just technical skills that count: communication, interpersonal skills, problem solving, leadership and business awareness are just some of the frequently requested competencies.

Career planning is not just about researching career options and setting goals, but also about building experience (academic, work experience, student activities… and more) throughout your years as a student; and being able to market yourself effectively to potential employers.

The Careers Service

Support with all aspects of career planning is provided by the University’s Careers Service, based at 3rd Floor, Central Library, George Square.  

  • Exploring your options – A degree from the School of Informatics offers a wide range of career options. You gain an overview of what’s possible, explore what previous graduates have done, and start to research possible occupations. Information and resources on further study, starting a business, volunteering, and taking time out are also provided.

  •  1:1 Support – Appointments to discuss any career related issues - from initial ideas, to CVs or job search strategy – can be requested at the Careers Service.  Additionally, a “Careers Drop-in” for School of Informatics students will be offered – look out for email notifications.

  • Careers Fairs  - a number of campus based & on-line events take place each year. These allow you to meet a wide range of employers at each event and find out what’s on offer to students and graduates.

  •  Employer Presentations – take the opportunity to meet staff from companies targeting Edinburgh students. This is a great way to find out about careers on offer and to network with senior staff and recent graduate employees. Advice on selection processes will be provided. .  **NB Company presentations are also arranged by the School of Informatics. See list below.

  •  Vacancies – graduate jobs, internships, semester jobs and vacation work can be found on My Career Hub, Edinburgh’s student & graduate employment database. IT student jobs can also be found via E Placement Scotland.

Employers Presentations

 An extensive programme of Employer Presentations is organised by the Careers Service. Presentations run from the start of Semester 1. These are open to final and penultimate year undergraduates and all PG students. Many employers will also welcome first and second year undergraduates.  The full list is available on My Career Hub.

Presentations offer an excellent opportunity to find out about whats on offer, network with employers and recent graduate employees and gain advice on how they recruit.

The School of Informatics also arrange a number of employer presentations - these are detailed below:

Name of Employer
Date and Time
Further Information
Morgan Stanley  1 October 2014, 1pm  Seminar Room 2.12,
Appleton Tower
Morgan Stanley are holding a 'Meet the Developer’ event where students can come along and hear a number of developers/technologists talk about their individual roles and what it’s like for them to work at Morgan Stanley.
It will be an informal event, with a brief talk and then open to Q+A. There will be 4-6 developers present. 
Pizza lunch will be provided.
Amazon Development Centre 8 October 2014, 1pm Lecture Theatre 2,
Appleton Tower
Please come along to learn about exciting opportunities at the Amazon Development Centre in Edinburgh. 
We have intern and graduate jobs across 6 engineering teams, who are responsible for inventing and growing major features and websites for Amazon worldwide.
From interactive UI design to large-scale distributed systems and machine learning, we do whatever it takes to deliver great experiences for our customers. 
We’ll take you on a tour of the different projects we run in Edinburgh (featuring everything from machine learning and personalization to the movie industry) and tell you more about our opportunities and our fun, agile culture.
Bloomberg  15 October 2014, 1pm  Seminar Room 2.12,
Appleton Tower
What makes a career at Bloomberg unique? Join us for a pizza lunch and gifts for an insight into the challenges involved in providing near real-time news search to Bloomberg customers.  Our News team is in the process of migrating to using Solr/Lucene as its search and alerting backend. This talk starts with a picture of what's involved in building such a backend, then delves into what makes up a search engine, and then discusses the challenges of scaling up for low-latency and high-load.
Bloomberg R&D is a very challenging and nurturing place to develop a career in Computer Science; we solve some of the hardest problems out there, use the latest technologies, and deliver world class solutions to our clients around the world.
Aardvark Swift  21 October 2014, 1pm  Lecture Theatre 2,
Appleton Tower 
Aardvark Swift return to University of Edinburgh for the Get in the "Get in the Game" Career Talk
Being a specialised recruiter in the games industry we know a little thing or two about what it takes to break into the industry and we want to share this with you.
Palantir Technologies 22 October 2014, 1pm Open Area, Level 4, Appleton Tower Please join Palantir Technologies to learn how we are revolutionising the analysis of hard and important problems that face our world today. We build the technology that allows people at the world's most critical institutions to make sense of their data. We solve the technical problems, so they can solve the human ones. Combating terrorism. Tracking disease outbreaks, Finding missing and exploited children. We believe that with the right technology and enough data, people can still solve hard problems and change the world for the better. 
View a live demo of Palantir's data fusion platforms, and learn how you can be a part of our mission. (Pizza lunch provided)
Facebook 29 October 2014, 1pm Lecture Theatre 2,
Appleton Tower
We invite you to join us for a technical talk delivered by a senior Facebook engineer.
Learn what it’s like to work with a team who ship code daily to over 1 billion people around the world, and what makes engineering at Facebook unique. 
Even with 955+ million users our journey is still 1% finished… we hope to see you at our technical talk!
Wolfson 5 November 2014, 1pm Open Area, Level 4, Appleton Tower CV and interview workshop for software engineers
What can you expect from a job in a high-tech software company? What skills do they look for, and how can you sell yourself to them? Come find out more
Imagination Technologies
12 November 2014, 1pm
Open Area, Level 4, Appleton Tower
Imagination designs hardware and software technology that is used in almost every consumer electronics device around you, from the latest smartphone and tablets, to digital radios and more. As an industry leading provider of processors for mobile and embedded devices, we provide some of the best opportunities to work on cutting edge technology, including our PowerVR graphics and video, MIPS processors and Ensigma communications. We have over 60 graduate roles and 40 placement roles for 2015, involving electronics and low-level programming alongside some higher level programming and support roles.
Standard Life  28 January 2015, 1pm  Seminar Room 2.14, Appleton Tower The session will focus on providing an overview of the Business Change & Technology Graduate Programme & will be aimed at our Summer Internship Recruitment. 
 Bloomberg 30 January, 1pm Seminar Room 2.12, Appleton Tower  Gary Kazantsev from the R&D Machine Learning group will speak about Bloomberg’s current projects in the areas of Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. Afterwards, there will be a discussion of future directions and applications of Machine Learning in finance and a Q&A session. Pizza lunch provided.
Toshiba Medical Visualization Systems Europe 4 February 2015, 4pm Seminar Room 2.12, Appleton Tower An Introduction to TMVS and Medical Imaging
Medical imaging provides a vast array of techniques for looking at the human body to help with diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions. There will be a brief overview of the field by talking about the hardware that is used to acquire medical images, how those images are stored and then discuss how software techniques can be used to visualise the data in 2D and 3D. If you’ve ever been for a CT, MR or Ultrasound scan and wondered what happens with your data after the scan, this talk should help to explain. The talk will continue to discuss Toshiba Medical Visualization Systems and the work that we do in Edinburgh.