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Suggested Reading


During the first semester we study a Neuroscience textbook:

  • Neuroscience by Dale Purves, et al. Sinauer Associates. (2012) ISBN: 9780878939671

Suggested Reading

The following is an additional reading list that you might find useful in familiarising yourself with neuroscience:

  •  Neuroscience at a Glance by Roger Barker and Stephen Barasi.  John Wiley and Sons. ISBN: 9781405150453. 3rd edition (20 March 2008)

  • Molecular Biology of the Cell by John Wilson and Tim Hunt. Taylor & Francis Inc.,  Garland Publishing Inc. ISBN: 0815341105. 5th revised edition (2 January 2008)

  • Neuroscience: Exploring the Brain by Mark F Bear, Barry W. Connors & Michael A Paradiso. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. ISBN: 0781760038.  (1 February 2006)

  • From Neuron to Brain by John G. Nicholls, Bruce G. Wallace, Paul A. Fuchs and A. Robert. Martin Sinauer Assoc. ISBN: 0878934391. 4th edition (15 January 2001)
  • Principles of Neural Science by Eric R. Kandel (Editor), James H. Schwartz (Editor) & Thomas M. Jessell. McGraw-Hill/Appleton & Lange. ISBN: 0838577016. 4th edition (5 January 2000)

  • Fundamental Neuroscience by Michael J. Zigmond, Floyd Bloom, Story C. Landis, and Larry R. Squire (Editors). Academic Press. ISBN: 0127808701. 1st edition (15 January 1999)

  • Neurobiology by Gordon M. Shepherd. Oxford University Press. ISBN: 0195088433. 3rd edition (June 1997)

  • Foundations of Cellular Neurophysiology by Daniel Johnston and Samuel Miao-sin Wu. MIT Press Ltd. ISBN: 0262100533. (15 December 1994)


Computational modelling of neural systems – these books focus on computational interpretation of neuroscience:

  • Principles of Computational Modelling in Neuroscience by David Willshaw, Adnrew Gillies, David Sterratt and Bruce Graham. Cambridge University Press. ISBN: 0521877954. (30 June 2011)
  • Computational Modeling Methods for Neuroscientists (Computational Neuroscience Series) by Erik De Schutter. MIT Press Ltd.  ISBN: 0262013274 (9 October 2009)
  • Theoretical Neuroscience: Computational and Mathematical Modeling of Neural Systems by Peter Dayan and L. F. Abbott. MIT Press; ISBN: 0262041995. 1st edition (1 December 2001)

  • Computational Explorations in Cognitive Neuroscience: Understanding the Mind by Simulating the Brain by Randall C. O'Reilly, Yuko Munakata and James L. McClelland. MIT Press. ISBN: 0262650541. 1st edition (4 September 2000)

  • Methods in Neuronal Modeling: From Ions to Networks by Christof Koch, Idan Segev (Editors). MIT Press; ISBN: 0262112310; 2nd edition (4 June 1998)

  • Biophysics of Computation: Information Processing in Single Neurons by Christof Koch. Oxford University Press. ISBN: 0195104919. (November 1998)

  • The Computational Brain by Patricia S. Churchland and Terrence J. Sejnowski. MIT Press. ISBN: 0262531208. Reprint edition (3 February 1994)


The DTC has a small library in Room 2.51 with these and other books. If you need additional books for your research, you can request them.