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Payment of Fees

Tuition Fees

"Tuition fee" refers to the annual fees payable to the University during the prescribed period of study. For those students in receipt of funding the formal offer of funding will state whether tuition fees are included and at what level and for what period. Where funding covers tuition fees it should be noted that fees are charged and paid by the funding source specified, they are not remitted or waived by the University.

Full-time candidates for the degree of PhD are charged a total of three full-time annual fees and full-time candidates for the MPhil are charged a total of two full-time annual fees.

Students will remain personally liable for all other fees (see following sections).

Link to Registry Fees Information

Additional Programme Costs

The additional programme costs (sometimes called bench fees or research costs) are charged to allow the School to provide a range of facilities in addition to the teaching and supervision of students. These may include the cost of basic consumables, equipment purchase, hire and maintenance, computing hardware and software and other exceptional costs not covered by tuition fees.

Additional programme costs, are payable if indicated on the formal offer of admission issued by the College of Science and Engineering. The current rates are £1000 for MSc by Research and PhD students.

For those students in receipt of funding the formal offer of funding will indicate whether additional programme costs are included.

Other fees and charges

The following fees are the sole responsibility of the student:

  • Late matriculation fee: this is charged by Registry to students who register after the due date without reasonable cause.
  • Matriculation fee: the fee payable for each academic session by those students who continue study beyond their prescribed period of study, for which tuition fees are payable.  This fee includes an element in respect of membership of University unions, sports facilities, and other student facilities and amenities.
  • Annual continuation fee: payable by students who do not submit a thesis within the maximum period of study (for a full-time PhD this is four years).  This fee will be charged pro-rata for every authorised extension until the thesis submission date.
  • Examination fee: the fee payable on submission of a thesis for examination by those candidates whose tuition fees were remitted in full (see above).
  • Re-examination or re-submission fee: the fees payable on re-submission of a thesis following a previous examination.
  • General Council fee: the fee payable prior to first graduation for registration as a member of the General Council.

Debts to the University

*Students in debt to the University will not be permitted to graduate at the end of their studies.*

The University may levy charges for the use of its facilities and the provision of its services.

This may include tuition fees, accommodation charges, examination fees, graduation fees and charges, library and other miscellaneous fees and charges, including charges for replacement or repair of equipment loans, books or other materials.

Students are expected to pay all charges and fees promptly and will not be permitted to graduate until all accounts have been settled in full.

Collection Policy for Student Fees and Related Charges