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Accessing an Applicant Record

Accessing an Applicant Record via the Admission Screens [PGR]

The EUCLID admissions screens provide all staff with live access to the application information held for all PGT and PGR applicants. This guide has been written with PGR admissions in mind, although the same steps apply for those wishing to view a PGT application.  The EUCLID admission pages contain a read only view of the main application form, uploaded documents [transcripts, references etc] and the up-to-date status of the application.  A list of all current PGR applications is being maintained by the School database, meaning full information on current applications, per Institute, can be viewed using the following links:

In order to quickly access the EUCLID portal, we recommend that you bookmark the following link, which will help you access directly without the lengthy EASE / MyEd route:

Below is a step-by-step guide to accessing the admissions screens, and viewing applicant information.  Note that staff are expected to have a read-only view of all PGT and PGR applications, if not, please follow the EUCLID access guidelines for detail on how to arrange this access.

  • Click on PG Admissions link in the left-hand menubar.

  • Click on Application & Decision Entry [ACD] - View Only in the Admissions Management Function Process Screens container.

  • Insert the applicant UUN into the top left hand UUN field, copying the appropriate UUN from the database generated list of current applicants. Alternatively if you only know the applicant name, you can retrieve the record using a wildcard seach.

  • Click on Retrieve to access the record.

  • Applicant record opens, providing access to the initial application and subsequent uploaded documents.

  • Click on View All Application Forms & Uploaded Documents to gain access to all parts of the application.

  • Application information opens in a new window.

  • Select particular documents by clicking on the document title in the left hand side File Link column, or retrieve all documents by clicking on Open all Documents for this Application at the foot of the page.

  • Remember to select Logout [last item on left hand side menu] once you have finished.  Failure to log out often results in difficulty accessing EUCLID next time round!


EUCLID documentation relating to this task is available below.  Note that Informatics staff are only asked to use EUCLID to access and review individual applications, meaning much of the EUCLID user guide information will be unnecessary, and possibly confusing.  Please contact IGS with any questions.