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Informatics Teaching Committee

The Teaching Committee develops policy on the delivery — rather than the syllabus definition — of taught courses in the School of Informatics, and monitors activity within those courses. It also develops and monitors policy in the areas of undergraduate recruitment and admissions, as well as liaison with schools.

Oversight of the curriculum content of courses and programmes is the responsibility of a different committee, the Board of Studies.


Convenor Bjoern Franke
Secretary Katey Lee


UG and MSc Year Organisers   
Exam Board Convenors  
Recruitment Committee Convenor and UG Selectors  
Representatives of: Student Services Administrative Staff
Support and Technical Staff
PG Tutors and Demonstrators
UG and PGT Students 


Committee meetings are also open to all other interested members of staff.

All policies which have been approved by the Committee are collected together for convenience.

The Recruitment Committee is a sub-committee of the Teaching Committee, responsible for undergraduate student recruitment. All staff are welcome to attend its meetings.


The next meeting of Teaching Committee will be on Wednesday 29 April 2015 at 2pm in Appleton Tower Room Level 4 Open Area.