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Attendance Monitoring

Guidance for Tier 4 Visa Students

[revised March 2014]

The UK Visas & Immigration (UKV&I, previously UKBA) requires the University to report on absences of Tier 4 visa students. The original guidance from UKV&I required the University to report on students who missed a set number of designated contact points, which included: registration; scheduled meetings with Director of Studies / Programme Director / Supervisor; and any formal examinations. Revised guidance from the UKV&I now permits “Highly Trusted Sponsors”, such as the University of Edinburgh, to undertake (at least) two further “re-registrations” during the academic year.

Tier 4 students are required to report, in person, to a designated census point during term-time (for undergraduate students, this applies to Semesters 1 and 2; for postgraduate students this also applies over the Summer period). This will count as a “re-registration” for the purposes of UKV&I requirements and will be formally logged by the University. Full information is available under the 'Tier 4 Visa Attendance Monitoring Census' link on the Academic Registry website, with additional attendance monitoring information included on the College Monitoring and Student Non-Attendance pages.

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