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Nomination of Examiners

Information for Supervisors

This page is intended for staff use, explaining what needs to be done in order to properly notify College Office of the recommended examiners. Information intended for students on the thesis submission and subsequent administrative processes is presented elsewhere on this website, including information on the nomination of examiners process.

The principal supervisor will be asked to nominate Examiners after the student has submitted their 'Notice of Intention to Submit' forms to the Informatics Graduate School.  The forms should be submitted two months before the student intends to submit their thesis so that there is time to nominate examiners.  Nominations are subject to the approval of both the Director of Graduate School and the College of Science and Engineering.

Students may volunteer names of possible Examiners, and should inform the principal supervisor of any special problems that might arise should a particular examiners are appointed. However, students have no right to play any part in the final choice, and therefore no right to veto any particular appointment.

The University of Edinburgh places great emphasis on maintaining the academic integrity of the examination procedures. For this reason:

  • External Examiners should be of recognised eminence in the subject matter of the thesis;
  • all Examiners are expected to provide an impartial assessment of the submitted work;
  • anyone who has been a member of staff, held an honorary or part-time appointment or been a student of the University at any time during the previous three years may not act as an External Examiner;
  • anyone directly involved in the candidate‚Äôs work towards the thesis may not be an Examiner;
  • potential professional or personal conflicts of interest should be considered; and
  • two External Examiners should be appointed if the student has been, or is currently, employed by the University.

Other regulations or restrictions may also apply and guidance should be sought from the Graduate School Office if the appointment of any examiner is likely to give rise to any issues affecting the examination process.

What Happens Next?

Principal supervisors will be contacted by the Graduate School, once College confirm that the student has submitted 'Notice of Intention to Submit' paperwork. 

Supervisors are asked to complete the online Nomination of Examiners form as quickly as possible and within a month.  This form will be checked by the Graduate School, sent to the Director of Graduate School for approval and then passed to College who will approve and appoint the Examiners.  Please contact the Graduate School if you are unable to access the Nomination of Examiners form.

Informatics Nomination of Examiners Form

Nomination of Examiners - Information for Supervisors

Nomination of Examiners - Information for Heads of Graduate School

Guidance on Engaging External Examiners - Information from Human Resources

Identification Check

Whilst attending the viva, the External Examiner is highly unlikely to visit the Graduate School office in Appleton Tower.  Many of the practical viva related issues will be handled by the Institute admin team, including the meeting and greeting of the External Examiner.  The College Office is unable to process External Examiner fees unless they receive verified (signed and dated) photocopies of the external examiner's proof of identity and eligibility to work in the UK.  This is a UKBA and HR employment rule. 

Institute admin staff are therefore asked to make copies of the outer cover and photo pages of the External Examiner's passport (or back and front photocopies of a European National Identity card).  For foreign nationals; College also need a copy of the visa page, the work permit and/or any residency stamps.  Each of these copies must be signed and verified, certifying that it is the copy of the original passport.  The copies should be sent to the College PGR Team, at the Weir Building, King's Buildings.  Note that the Teaching Organisation is required to perform the same ID check for UG and PGT External Examiners.