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Transferable Skills

The acquisition and development of personal transferable, employment-related and generic research skills is an important part of postgraduate research training. The School of Informatics works closely with the Institute for Academic Development's PG team to produce a programme of skills and research training specifically designed for its postgraduate research students.

This site will help you navigate through the wide variety of training opportunities open to you and highlight the courses that are highly recommended or essential. Most courses are half-day or full-day courses that have been designed specifically for Informatics students.

Although the formal requirements of research study do not include a coursework component it is expected that all students will attend all of the highly recommended courses.

In addition your supervisor may recommend that you attend one or more of the MSc courses available in the School of Informatics during your first year.

Please follow the instructions provided on the Institute for Academic Development site to book places on courses and check the information on course content, background needed and eligibility to ensure that the course or resource is what you require.

Highly Recommended Courses

It is expected that all students will attend the courses listed below. Follow the link for more detail on the contents and date of each course.

All first years are expected to take:

1. How to do an Informatics PhD: Management and Research (26th November 2014 and 4th February 2015)

2. How to write an Informatics PhD Proposal (3rd March, 2015)

All second years are expected to take:

  1. Presenting with Impact: Informatics (14th April, 2015)
  2. How to Write an Informatics Research Paper [TBD] Please find Course materials here.


All third year students are expected to take:

  1. Informatics PhD Thesis Workshop (14th January 2015)
  2. Preparing for your Viva (22nd April, 2015)


Other Recommended Courses

The Institute for Academic Development offers many other courses that may be of benefit during your PhD and afterwards. The courses are in 4 categories:


We especially recommend the following additional courses, all of which are offered by IAD several times a year:

First years

  • PG Essentials
  • Searching Research Literature and Managing Bibliographies
  • How to be an Effective Researcher

Second Years

  • Public Engagement Training


Third Years
  • Introduction to Research Funding

Anyone whose thesis has ehtical issues or who is just interested in science and social responsibility can take the following online course:


Many other resources and courses are available; their details, other sources of training, and full details of current courses can be found online.

Presentations and Transkills Materials

Follow these links for access to materials and presentations used as part of these workshops:

Folder Managing your PhD
Folder Preparing for 1st Year Review
Folder Preparing Abstracts and Writing for Posters
Folder Presenting Your Poster
Folder PhD Thesis Workshop
Folder Writing a Research Paper
Folder Preparing for your Viva
Folder Doing Informatics Research
Folder Informatics Research Courses Repository