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Staff-Student Liaison Meetings


Informatics PGR Student Reps Group

The Informatics Graduate School is committed to developing the School's PGR experience, in consultation with those registered on our PGR programmes.  In support of this, the Graduate School helps to host student representative meetings, with the aim of identifying where things could be improved.  The membership of this group includes the Deputy Director of Graduate School, Student Services admin staff and PGR student representatives.  You can contact the group en-masse via

The student reps group met for the first time in December 2009, hosting an open session attended by ~40 PhD students.  This meeting identified a number of areas where the PGR student experience could be improved, resulting in an outline working agenda of topics and issues that required further attention.

Please contact your student representative if you'd like to influence the shape of the School's PGR provision, or raise a question about something that might be troubling you. 

We are also always on the look-out for new members, do let us know if you'd like to contribute.

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