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Reconfiguring your Office Space


Graduate School students are encouraged to customise their own desk or office space, whilst being respectful of the building design and working environment. Desks are numbered clockwise from the first desk on the left as you enter the room. Desks, cabinets and other items of furniture may be repositioned as you choose, providing you adhere to each of the following basic guidelines:

  • you have the approval of those you share a room with.
  • the window and door areas remain accessible.
  • the ventilation outlets aren't covered.
  • the power/data floor boxes are accessible, and close to or underneath your desk.

If you are considering a reconfiguration that might require more permanent physical alteration to the room (e.g. the move of floor boxes, or a reduction in the number of desks) please contact the Graduate School to arrange School approval. If your request is approved then the technical staff will consult with you and arrange the alteration.

You should also discuss the Health & Safety implications of your proposal. please mail David Hamilton who will arrange for someone to discuss this with you directly.

You might wish to propose an office swap, if this is the case please contact the Graduate School to discuss this further.

There are a few restrictions that we do need to be aware of, particularly the wall mounting of shelves and whiteboards - these may not be negotiable, dependant on the specification of the wall, or neighbouring room.

We also ask that you try to preserve the internal glass, particularly the glass 'walls' that divide your room from the corridor. This internal glass is a strong feature of the building design. Students are not prohibited from using these spaces for posters, planners or relevant advertisements, but only when there is a particular need to do so. The School does reserve the right to remove anything deemed to be inappropriate.

Further Information

The following links provide further information on office related issues:

Health & Safety

Heating, Ventilation and Water in the Forum
Please contact the Graduate School office if you have any non-technical building questions, or want to report a fault.