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Forum Table Tennis

The table tennis table is intended for out of hours use [before 0900hrs, after 1700hrs], accessible to Informatics PGR students and members of staff. Stored in the cupboard at the end of G.03 it might not be accessible at times when this room is being used. It might also be difficult to access G.03 at other times, particularly when events are taking place in the Atrium or other ground floor areas.

Bookings scheduled for G.03 can be viewed online. We don't expect that you'll book G.03 to play table tennis, more that you plan ahead and check whether G.03 is being used for something else before you try to access the table:

IF G.03 Booking Schedule


A box containing bats and balls is also kept in this cupboard. Please ensure that you respect this equipment at all times, and that it is returned to the box once you have finished your game. The School operates on the understanding that users leave each room as they've found it, meaning anyone using the table tennis table in G.03 must be prepared to fold up the table and neatly store it in the cupboard after use.

The introduction of this table hasn't been an entirely unanimous decision. We therefore encourage you to use this responsibly, helping persuade everyone that it has been a sensible addition to the Forum!  We're also keen to ensure that our table tennis table doesn't become an extension of the EUSA sports union.. please therefore try to ensure that any game or tournament includes a majority of Informatics staff/students. Users are encouraged to create their own leagues and tournaments, please record this information at:

Table Tennis Vademecum