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Forum User Guide


The address of the Informatics Forum is:

Informatics Forum
10 Crichton Street

Access to the Forum

The main entrance is open from 9.00am until 6.00pm.  All entrances are normally swipe card operated. Additionally, there is a reception desk at the main entrance for visitors to the building or staff members that have forgotten their swipe cards.  Entry to the staircases and lifts may also be swipe card protected at peak times, meaning any visitors will therefore have to be collected from the reception desk.

The emergency team is not available after normal working hours, but the emergency telephone number (2222) is still effective. This emergency number alerts security staff who are on radio call but are likely to be in the security office behind Appleton Tower, it must be understood there may be some delay in getting help. When working alone after normal hours, in the interest of your own safety, we strongly recommend that you sign in and out at the reception.

Coffee and Tea

Coffee and tea are available throughout the day to staff and research students.  There are several coffee points and pantries throughout the building. They have separate taps for cooled and near boiling water, a coffee filter machine and in the pantries a microwave oven.  Please ensure that you leave these facilities as you find them.


In case of emergency call 2222. Give your location (room number) and the nature of the accident.

First Aid

There is a first aid room on the Ground floor (G.11). Additionally, there are first aid kits in a drawer in every coffee point.

Health and Safety

New students will have Health and Safety Information for the Forum provided as part of their induction pack.

Heating and Ventilation

See the manual from the architects: Forum User Information

The Forum heating is normally switched on from 8.00am to 5.00 pm Monday to Friday.  After hours and in the weekend the heating can be switched on for an hour per time by pressing the "heating system 1hr timed extension" switches that can be found on every floor in the corridors. There is one in the corridor leading from the atrium coffee point to the offices in the NW corner and one in the SE corner on every floor. For an image of the switch, see the manual from the architects above.


Key will be distributed by the Graduate School as part of your student induction.  After induction, keys are available from room 5.43 in the Forum.

“Library” / Book store

There is an informal book store situated outside the computing support offices on level 4. This open plan area is accessible at all times, meaning books can be used by all staff and research students housed in the building.


See the manual from the architects: Forum User Information


See detailed user information.

Printers and Photocopiers

There are two printer rooms per floor on levels 1-5. One is the south-west corner and one next to the scenic lifts on the north side of the building. The one in the south-west corner has an A3 black and white printer. The northern one has an A4 black and white printer and a MFD (Multi Function Device) with build-in fax and colour printing facility. The following manuals are available for the multifunction Canon copier/printer/scanner machines in the Informatics Forum copy rooms):

Basic and Advanced Copy Features: 12 pages

Print Driver: 19 pages; Windows only


Stationery and other office supplies are available from the Printer rooms on levels 1-5.

Task Office Chair

Please see the operating instructions from the supplier: Instruction manual.

Transport from and to the Forum

See the information supplied by the University Transport Office.

Water: cooled and (near) boiling

See the manual from the architects: Forum User Information