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Extension to the Maximum End Date of Study

Extension to the Maximum End Date of Study (Thesis Submission Deadline)

Students can view their Maximum End Date (Thesis Submission Deadline) on their MyEd Portal.  The maximum period of study may be extended by the award of one or more extensions to the period of study. It is important to note that students who fail to submit a thesis on time, and who have not been granted an interruption or extension, may be deemed to have withdrawn and will have their registration recorded as lapsed.  A student may be granted up to 24 months of extensions to their Maximum End Date.

What is an Extension?

An extension to the period of study has the effect of extending the Maximum End Date and therefore the deadline for submission of the thesis. An extension to the Maximum End Date may be appropriate where:

  • progress has been hampered by unforeseen difficulties with facilities or equipment and hence completion of the thesis has been delayed.
  • progress has been hampered by unforeseen difficulties in obtaining or analysing data.

Applying for an Extension

An application for an extension must be made by the principal or lead supervisor following discussion with the student. Applications may be made by submitting the application form to the Graduate School office:

Word version of the application form

PDF version of the application form

  • the application form must be submitted in hard copy as a signature is required.
  • a plan for project completion and thesis submission must be attached to the application, providing clear evidence of expected completion within the period of the requested extension.
  • applications should be submitted before the maximum end date has passed and as soon as possible after the problem has emerged or been discussed.
  • if you have a visa you may need an extension to your visa; please contact the International Office for advice.
  • retrospective applications will be subject to greater scrutiny and the supervisor may be required to make a special request for consideration.
  • supervisors should note that it is often presumed that the student will be working in full time employment during the period between prescribed and maximum period and that the student is responsible for managing their time to complete by the maximum period, applications based solely on the need for more time to complete may not be considered. 
  • all applications are subject to approval by the Director of Graduate School.

Continuation Fees

If and when a student is granted an extension to their Maximum End Date they will be charged Continuation Fees.  Continuation Fees are currently charged at £575 per annum (around £47.92 per month).  Fees are charged when the period of extension begins, not when the extension is awarded.  Unused months will not normally be liable to a fee.

Continuation Fees