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College PGR Board of Examiners

Board of Examiners Meetings

The College PGR Board of Examiners meets once a month (usually on the last Friday of the month) to approve thesis examination paperwork.  A list of the meeting dates can be found by following the link above.  As a general rule, examination paperwork must be received by the College Office by 5pm on a Wednesday for the paperwork to be sent to a Friday meeting.  If paperwork misses a meeting, it will be sent to the next meeting.

Your examination paperwork will be sent to the Board of Examiners meeting at least once during the exam process:

Following Oral Examination

Following your oral examination/viva your examiners will complete a report and send it to the College Office along with any corrections they require you to undertake.  The report will be sent to the Board of Examiners for approval and you will be sent a letter with a copy of the examiners report and corrections to the address you provided on your Notice of Intention to Submit form.  If you are not sure if the College Office have your current address, please contact them.  If your mailing address changes it is your responsibility to notify the College Office by completing their Change of Address form and returning it to them at the College Office or by email: