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The Brand

Developed with help from Brandspeak and approved by the School's Planning and Resources Committee in May 2008.

Defining Informatics

The science of information – how natural and artificial systems process, store and communicate information.

Defining the School

The international centre of excellence in Informatics, a hub for research, teaching and engagement with industry and the wider community.


To advance Informatics as the fundamental science of the information age for positive impact.


To provide the best environment to attract the brightest talent for the broadest benefit to society.

Focal Audience

Academics, students, industries and other opinion formers (policy makers) who will engage with us to invent the future.


Global leadership, innovation, collaboration, engagement.

Competitive Advantage

Agile in solutions, integrated diversity, deeper grounding in (evolving) theory.


Inspiring, ingenious, inclusive, insightful, influential.

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