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Informatics Research Services

Contacts for Staff

Portfolio Mangers

The main function of the above is as follows, please contact the relevant Portfolio Manger for the Institute you are within for assistance:

  • Research grant proposal preparation and costings
  • Funding opportunities
  • Financial management of research grant portfolio by institute
  • Research staff contract extensions and end of employment process
  • Advertising positions funded by research grants
  • Appointment of research staff on research grants


Portfolio Mangers by Institute:

  • Fiona Williams (ANC & CISA)
  • Joanne Pennie (ICSA, IPAB and SPECKLED)
  • Maria Mackenzie (ILCC and CSTR)
  • Caroline Hastings (ILCC and CSTR)
  • Julie Young (IES & School)
  • Jo Mair (LFCS)
  • Helen New (ILCC)

Level Support Offices

These offices are located on levels, 1, 2, 3 and 4 and can be contacted by email as shown below.  Primarily they offer support to all research staff and PhD students within the Forum and cover the areas below amongst others, if you have a query and don’t know where to take it, then this is a good place to start.

  • Assistance with events, conferences and workshops.
  • Booking of travel and accommodation.
  • Local hotel bookings.
  • Room bookings within the Forum.
  • Minuting of research related meetings.
  • Staff timesheets on research grants.
  • Staff expenses claims – initial admin done here before passed to Informatics finance.
  • Admin support to senior members of academic staff as required.
  • Stationary ordering.
  • Ordering of computing equipment less than £100.
  • Finance relating to research grants and Institute accounts i.e. invoices, expenses claims, cost statements, form C’s, journals and purchase orders processing.


Level 1 office (IPAB & ICSA) – contact

  • Sofi Freijerio-Armitage (Supervisor)
  • Heather Low (finance IPAB & ICSA)
  • Steph Smith
  • Magda Nowak


Level 2 office (ANC, IES & CISA) – contact

  • Sofi Freijeiro-Armitage (Supervisor)
  • Lindsay Andrews (finance ANC & CISA)
  • Suzanne Perry
  • Mary-Clare Mackay


Level 3 office (ILCC & CSTR) – contact

  • Avril Heron (Supervisor & finance)
  • Nicola Drago Ferranti
  • Julie Laidlaw
  • Samira Reuter


Level 4 office (LFCS) – contact

  • Avril Heron (Supervisor)
  • Carrie McNamee (finance LFCS & IES)
  • Magdalena Mazurkzak
  • Linda Hope


School Finances

The function here is the processing paperwork and maintenance of the school accounts, so if you need codes to charge something for the school or if you are responsible for a budget which is held under 747DIV then the contact is as below:


Informatics HR

Working closely with the Portfolio Managers, senior academic and school management, this area provides the HR function for the School of Informatics.  Main areas include:

  • Recruitment administration for all posts within Informatics.
  • Proof of right to work in the UK processes.
  • Certificate of Sponsorship and work permit administration and advice.
  • Allocation of all RA desks and single occupancy offices within the Forum.
  • Upkeep of the school database system i.e. changes of name, title, room, telephone numbers etc.
  • Advice and guidance given on all areas of HR in compliance with the University guidelines and processes.
  • Liaison with college and central HR on behalf of the school.



  • Jenny Chard
  • Irene Madison
  • Julie Young (Manager)


If the people above cannot assist with your enquiry then please direct it to Julie Young, Deputy School Administrator by email at


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