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Useful information on the process of organising events in the Forum.

Checklist for Booking an Event

Make sure you have covered everything by using our checklist.

Forum User Guide

Access information, lighting, health and safety and other useful information about the building.

Plans of the Forum


Facilities and Resources in the Forum

Please see below for a summary of facilities, booking guidelines, information for caterers and for external bookings.

Event or room booking - Forum

Guidelines and information.

AV Guidelines and Information

AV Guidelines for Informatics Events and instructions on how to use touchscreen in G07 (PDF Files).

Room Layouts

Some examples of room layouts for GO7.

Booking a Room in Appleton Tower

Guidelines and information.

Event Health and Safety Information

Guidelines and Information

School of Informatics Jamboree 2014

About the Jamboree 2014

School of Informatics Jamboree 2015

Information about the Jamboree 2015

Call for Posters: Informatics Jamboree 2015


Call for Demos: Jamboree 2015


Variety Show: Jamboree 2015


The Great Informatics Bake-off: Jamboree 2015


Fun debate: Jamboree 2015


Jamboree 2015: Computer Game Competition

Informatics Jamboree: Computer Game Competition

Informatics Jamboree: Talks


Informatics Jamboree: Quiz


plans of the forum

pdf's of forum floor plans

'Hack the Burgh' Hackathon

Photos from the Hackathon, March 2015

jamboree 2015 photos

Photos from the Jamboree 2015

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