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Board of Studies

The Board is responsible for the curriculum approval process within the School of Informatics (for all issues relating to taught courses and UG, PGT and PGR programmes), providing assurance of the full discussion within the School, appropriate consultation with other Schools, and approval of submissions to the relevant College committees.

Building Committee

The Building Committee meets monthly and is chaired by the Head of School. The remit of the Building Committee is to engage with Estates & Buildings staff on all matters of repair, maintenance and fault management within the Informatics Forum and Appleton Tower; also to review internal building management decisions within the School.

Equality & Diversity Committee

The Equality & Diversity Committee meets quarterly and is chaired by the Equality & Diversity Coordinator.

Health & Safety Committee

This committee provides guidance on key health and safety issues.

General Meetings

Information from Informatics General Meetings.

Recruitment Committee

The Recruitment Committee is a sub-committee of the Teaching Committee and exists to recommend and implement policy on UG and PG admissions and other recruitment activity.

Research Committee

The Research Committee meets monthly and is chaired by the Director of Research to oversee School research.

Strategy Committee

The Strategy Committee meets monthly and is chaired by the Head of School to advise on and review strategic decisions and resource allocation within the School of Informatics.

Teaching Committee

The Informatics Teaching Committee exists to develop policy on the delivery (rather than the syllabus definition) of taught courses and to monitor activity within those courses. It will also contribute to the development of policy in the areas of undergraduate admissions, recruitment and schools liaison.

Web Strategy Group

The Web Strategy Group is intended to advise and support the development of the School’s web presence, providing the Knowledge Management team with expert input in the areas of web structure, effective online use of data and appropriate content for the externally facing webpages and the local intranet.

School Information Managament Systems Group

Oversight of School information management systems/procedures, focussing on the sustainability of Theon and associated systems including Webmark and related forms, UG4/Hons Projects database, room Booking System, RT etc. This group will also consider administrative procedures relating to the usage and workflow for such systems, and commits to pro-actively liaise with academic colleagues and committees where necessary.

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