1. Free access to the workshop areas is restricted to authorised personnel only. No other person may enter the workshop without permission.
  1. Personal protective equipment is provided and must be used where necessary.
  1. Any person working in the electronic workshop must familiarise themselves with Part 3 (Electrical Equipment) of the University Health and Safety Policy at: http://www.safety.ed.ac.uk/policy/part3/part3.shtm
  1. Any person working in the electronic workshop must have read and signed the appropriate risk assessment if the work or equipment they are using  has been risk assessed.  Risk assessments are kept in the filing cabinet within the electronic workshop (B.126).

  2. Work on equipment where there is a risk of electric shock may only be carried out when at least two people are present in the workshop area.

  3. No equipment may be used if it is damaged or defective. Such equipment should be clearly labelled and defects reported to the person in charge of the workshop.

  4. Do not carry loads such that the weight may be dangerous or vision obscured. Refer to Part Two, Section  4.7 Manual Handling of Loads of the University Health and Safety Policy at: http://www.safety.ed.ac.uk/policy/part2/part2.shtm#47

  5. No tools or equipment may be removed from the workshop without the authority of the person in charge of the workshop. Any item removed must be recorded in the book which is kept for this purpose.

  6. Tools and equipment which are being used on work outside the workshop must be returned to the workshop at the end of the day unless alternative arrangements have been agreed in advance.

  7. A clear route through the workshop must be maintained at all times.

  8. Smoking, eating and drinking in the workshop areas are strictly prohibited.

  9. All accidents/incidents/occupational ill health must be reported by using the online reporting system at: http://www.safety.ed.ac.uk/IncidentReporting/IncidentDetails.cfm and the person in charge of the area should be informed. 

  10. In the event of a fire act in accordance with the FIRE ACTION NOTICES displayed throughout the building. Leave the building immediately and proceed to the assembly point.

  11. It is the responsibility of the technician-in-charge to enforce these rules.
   15. Problems or concerns regarding health, safety or security contact the School Safety Manager David Wyse on 50 4499.

Revised July 2009

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