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Welcome to the Informatics Software Download Database - a repository of the School of Informatics' software and data available for licensing and open source distribution. If you are looking for software, search by keyword (for example, "machine learning") or author below. If you are a staff member or student wishing to add your software to the repository, login here.

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Top downloads

1 SIMJAVA 2, downloads 3314
2 RXP, downloads 2273
3 HASE-III, downloads 2224
4 WebExp2 1.3, downloads 2185
5 LTXML2 source, downloads 1371

Recent uploads

2021-07-06 LTXML2 source
2021-07-06 RXP
2021-06-28 The Edinburgh Geoparser
2019-02-20 Arxana
2017-09-11 Methodius Corpus

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