Institute for Language, Cognition and Computation Publications
  • Completeness Conditions for Mixed Strategy Bidirectional Parsing
    Graeme Ritchie
    Dec 1999, EDI-INF-RR0021
  • Developing the Incongruity-Resolution Theory
    Graeme Ritchie
    Apr 1999, EDI-INF-RR0007
  • A Flexible Integrated Architecture For Generating Poetic Texts
    Hisar Maruli Manurung, Graeme Ritchie and Henry Thompson
    May 2000, EDI-INF-RR0016
  • Current Directions in Computational Humour
    Graeme Ritchie
    Dec 2000, EDI-INF-RR0032
  • Describing Verbally Expressed Humour
    Graeme Ritchie
    Apr 2000, EDI-INF-RR0012
  • Resolving References to Graphical Objects in Multimodal Queries by Constraint Satisfaction
    Daqing He, Graeme Ritchie and John Lee
    Oct 2000, EDI-INF-RR0028
  • An Empirical Study of the Influence of User Tailoring on Evaluative Argument Effectiveness
    Giuseppe Carenini and Johanna Moore
    2001, EDI-INF-RR0664
  • Beyond elaboration: the interaction of relations and focus in coherent text
    Jon Oberlander, A Knott, C Mellish and M O'Donnell
    2001, EDI-INF-RR1223
  • Building Information Systems as Universalised Locals
    Mark Hartswood, Mark Rouncefield, Roger Slack, Alexander Voss and Robin Williams
    2001, EDI-INF-RR0688
  • ILEX: an architecture for a dynamic hypertext generation system
    Michael O'Donnell, Chris Mellish, Jon Oberlander and Alastair Knott
    Sep 2001, EDI-INF-RR0610
  • Phonology Competes with Syntax: Experimental Evidence for the Interaction of Word Order and Accent Placement in the Realization of Information Structure.
    Frank Keller and Theodora Alexopoulou
    May 2001, EDI-INF-RR0307
  • The Effect of Input Knowledge on Creativity
    Simon Colton, Alison Pease and Graeme Ritchie
    Nov 2001, EDI-INF-RR0055
  • The MATE Workbench - an annotation tool for XML coded speech corpora
    David McKelvie, Amy Isard, Andreas Mengel, Morten Moeller, Michael Grosse and Marion Klein
    Jan 2001, EDI-INF-RR0961
  • Towards conversational human-computer interaction
    James Allen, Donna Byron, Myroslava Dzikovska, George Ferguson, Lucian Galescu and Amanda Stent
    Dec 2001, EDI-INF-RR0667
  • Training Personal Robots Using Natural Language Instruction
    Stanislao Lauria, Guido Bugmann, Theocharis Kyriacou, Johan Bos and Ewan Klein
    Sep 2001, EDI-INF-RR0569
  • Co-realisation: Towards a Principled Synthesis of Ethnomethodology and Participatory Design
    Mark Hartswood, Robert Procter, Roger Slack, Alexander Voss, Mark Rouncefield and Phillipe Rouchy
    2002, EDI-INF-RR0648
  • Collaborative Activities and Multi-tasking in Dialogue Systems: Towards natural dialogue with robots
    Oliver Lemon, Alexander Gruenstein and Stanley Peters
    2002, EDI-INF-RR0617
  • Connectionist Speech Recognition of Broadcast News
    A J Robinson, G D Cook, D P W Ellis, J E Fosler-Lussier, Steve Renals and D A G Williams
    2002, EDI-INF-RR0662
  • Dependability as Ordinary Action
    Alexander Voss, Roger Slack, Robert Procter, Robin Williams, Mark Hartswood and Mark Rouncefield
    Sep 2002, EDI-INF-RR0689
  • Designing Enterprise Systems: leveraging knowledge in a distributed pattern-building community
    Jenny Ure, Ashley D Lloyd, Rob Pooley, Rick Dewar and Arabella Cranmore
    2002, EDI-INF-RR0809
  • Enhanced Free Text Access to Anatomically-Indexed Data
    Gail Sinclair, Bonnie Webber and Duncan Davidson
    Jul 2002, EDI-INF-RR1214
  • Formalising Hinting in Tutorial Dialogues
    Dimitra Tsovaltzi and Colin Matheson
    Nov 2002, EDI-INF-RR0629
  • Generative Models for Statistical Parsing with Combinatory Grammars
    Julia Hockenmaier and Mark Steedman
    2002, EDI-INF-RR0818
  • Informing the Detection of the Students' Motivational State: An Empirical Study.
    Angel de Vicente and Helen Pain
    2002, EDI-INF-RR0711
  • Large Vocabulary Search Space Reduction Employing Directed Acyclic Word Graphs and Phonological Rules
    Kallirroi Georgila, Nikos Fakotakis and George Kokkinakis
    Nov 2002, EDI-INF-RR1123
  • Mobile robot programming using natural language
    Stanislao Lauria, Guido Bugmann, Theocharis Kyriacou and Ewan Klein
    Mar 2002, EDI-INF-RR0739
  • Narrative Prose Generation
    Charles Callaway and James Lester
    Aug 2002, EDI-INF-RR1010
  • PLA(id): a tool for organising and sharing on-line building product information
    Salih Ofluoglu, Richard Coyne and John Lee
    Aug 2002, EDI-INF-RR0788
  • Performance Management in Breast Screening: A Case Study of Professional Vision and Ecologies of Practice.
    Mark Hartswood, Robert Procter, Mark Rouncefield and Roger Slack
    Jun 2002, EDI-INF-RR0646
  • Plans, Affordances, and Combinatory Grammar
    Mark Steedman
    2002, EDI-INF-RR0813
  • Promises, Premises and Risks: Sharing Responsibilities, Working Up Trust and Sustaining Commitment in Participatory Design Projects
    Monika Buscher, Dan Shapiro, Mark Hartswood, Robert Procter, Roger Slack, Alexander Voss and Preben Mogensen
    Jun 2002, EDI-INF-RR0690
  • Pronominalization in Generated Discourse and Dialogue
    Charles Callaway and James Lester
    Jul 2002, EDI-INF-RR0635
  • Second Language Vocabulary Acquisition and Learning Strategies in ICALL Environments
    Thomas Segler, Helen Pain and Antonella Sorace
    2002, EDI-INF-RR0710
  • Second Language Vocabulary Acquisition and Learning Strategies in ICALL Environments
    Thomas Segler, Helen Pain and Antonella Sorace
    Oct 2002, EDI-INF-RR1185
  • Seeing Reason: image and language in learning to think
    Keith Stenning
    2002, EDI-INF-RR0459
  • Seeing eye to eye: an account of grounding and understanding in work groups
    Jean Carletta, Anne H. Anderson and Simon Garrod
    Mar 2002, EDI-INF-RR0475
  • The Effect of Haptic Feedback and Stereo Graphics in a 3D Target Acquisition Task
    Steven Wall, Karin Paynter, Ann Marie Shillito and Mark Wright
    2002, EDI-INF-RR0698
  • Using omnidirectional vision within the spatial semantic hierarchy
    Emanuele Menegatti, Enrico Pagello and Mark Wright
    May 2002, EDI-INF-RR0697
  • 'Repairing' the Machine: A case study of evaluating computer-aided detection tools in breast screening.
    Mark Hartswood, Robert Procter, Mark Rouncefield, Roger Slack, James Soutter and Alexander Voss
    Sep 2003, EDI-INF-RR0654
  • 3D modeling is not for WIMPS
    Silvia Scali, Mark Wright and Ann Marie Shillito
    Jun 2003, EDI-INF-RR0700
  • A Shallow Model of Backchannel Continuers in Spoken Dialogue
    N Cathcart, Jean Carletta and Ewan Klein
    2003, EDI-INF-RR0707
  • A Speech-Based Human-Computer Interaction System for Automating Directory Assistance Services
    Kallirroi Georgila, Kyriakos Sgarbas, Anastasios Tsopanoglou, Nikos Fakotakis and George Kokkinakis
    Apr 2003, EDI-INF-RR1122
  • Anaphora and Discourse Structure
    Bonnie Webber, Matthew Stone, Aravind Joshi and Alistair Knott
    Dec 2003, EDI-INF-RR0457
  • Bootstrapping Statistical Parsers from Small Datasets
    Mark Steedman, Miles Osborne, Anoop Sarkar, Stephen Clark, Rebecca Hwa, Julia Hockenmaier and Paul Ruhlen
    2003, EDI-INF-RR1019
  • Context-Dependent Interpretation and Implicit Dialogue Acts
    Joern Kreutel and Colin Matheson
    2003, EDI-INF-RR0973
  • D-LTAG System: Discourse Parsing with a Lexicalized Tree-Adjoining Grammar
    Katherine Forbes, Eleni Miltsakaki, Rashmi Prasad, Anoop Sarkar, Aravind Joshi and Bonnie Webber
    2003, EDI-INF-RR0814
  • DIPPER: Description and Formalisation of an Information-State Update Dialogue System Architecture
    Johan Bos, Ewan Klein, Oliver Lemon and Tetsushi Oka
    Jul 2003, EDI-INF-RR0925
  • Dependable Grid Services
    Stuart Anderson, Yin Chen, Glen Dobson, Stephen Hall, Conrad Hughes, Yong Li, Sheng Qu, Edmund Smith, Ian Sommerville and Tie Jun Ma
    Sep 2003, EDI-INF-RR1062
  • Feature-Rich Statistical Translation of Noun Phrases
    Philipp Koehn and Kevin Knight
    2003, EDI-INF-RR0733
  • Fitting Standard Software Packages to Non-Standard Organisations
    N Pollock, Robert Procter and R Williams
    2003, EDI-INF-RR0676
  • Galatea: Open-source Software for Developing Anthropomorphic Spoken Dialog Agents
    Shin-ichi Kawamoto, Hiroshi Shimodaira, Tetsuo Nitta, Takuya Nishomoto, Satoshi Nakamura, Katsunobu Ito and Shigeo Morishima
    Nov 2003, EDI-INF-RR0671
  • Gradient Auxiliary Selection and Impersonal Passivization in German: An Experimental Investigation
    Frank Keller and Antonella Sorace
    Jan 2003, EDI-INF-RR0310
  • Grounding Spatial Named Entities for Information Extraction and Question Answering
    Jochen Leidner, Gail Sinclair and Bonnie Webber
    May 2003, EDI-INF-RR1031
  • Incremental Information State Updates in an Obligation-Driven Dialogue Model
    Joern Kreutel and Colin Matheson
    2003, EDI-INF-RR0627
  • Inducing History Representations for Broad Coverage Statistical Parsing
    James Henderson
    2003, EDI-INF-RR1017
  • Integrating Discourse Markers into a Pipelined Natural Language Generation Architecture
    Charles Callaway
    Jul 2003, EDI-INF-RR0633
  • Making a Case in Medical Work: Implications for the Electronic Medical Record
    Mark Hartswood, Robert Procter, Mark Rouncefield and Roger Slack
    Sep 2003, EDI-INF-RR0652
  • Micro-Planning based on Communicative Intent: The SPUD System
    Matthew Stone, Christine Doran, Tonya Bleam, Martha Palmer and Bonnie Webber
    Nov 2003, EDI-INF-RR1084
  • Modelling the uncertainty in recovering articulation from acoustics.
    Korin Richmond, Simon King and Paul Taylor
    Jul 2003, EDI-INF-RR0295
  • Recognizing Plan/Goal Abandonment
    Christopher Geib and Robert Goldman
    2003, EDI-INF-RR0963
  • Special Issue on Caring for the Learner in honour of John Self
    Paul Brna, W. Lewis Johnson and Helen Pain
    2003, EDI-INF-RR0713
  • Statistical phrase-based translation
    Philipp Koehn, Franz Josef Och and Daniel Marcu
    2003, EDI-INF-RR0731
  • Stochastic Language Modelling for Recognition and Generation in Dialogue Systems
    Kallirroi Georgila, Nikos Fakotakis and George Kokkinakis
    Mar 2003, EDI-INF-RR1124
  • The Development and Evaluation of a Speech-to-Sign Translation System to Assist Transactions
    Stephen Cox, Michael Lincoln, Judy Tryggvason, Melanie Nakisa, Mark Wells, Marcus Tutt and Sanja Abbott
    2003, EDI-INF-RR1001
  • The JAPE riddle generator: technical specification
    Graeme Ritchie
    Feb 2003, EDI-INF-RR0158
  • The NITE XML Toolkit: flexible annotation for multi-modal language data.
    Jean Carletta, Stefan Evert, Uli Heid, Jonathan Kilgour, Judy Robertson and Holger Voormann
    2003, EDI-INF-RR0473
  • Trusting The Record
    K Clarke, Mark Hartswood, Robert Procter and M Rouncefield
    2003, EDI-INF-RR0699
  • Trusting the Record
    Karen Clarke, Mark Hartswood, Robert Procter, Mark Rouncefield and Roger Slack
    2003, EDI-INF-RR0649
  • Using Finite State Automata to Implement W3C XML Schema Content Model Validation and Restriction Checking
    Henry Thompson and Richard Tobin
    2003, EDI-INF-RR0626
  • Working IT Out in Medical Practice: IT Systems Design and Development as Co-Realisation
    Robert Procter, Mark Hartswood, M Rouncefield, Roger Slack, Alexander Voss and P Rouchy
    2003, EDI-INF-RR0677
  • A generic approach to software support for linguistic annotation using XML
    Jean Carletta, David McKelvie, Amy Isard, Andreas Mengel, Marion Klein and Morten Baun Mller
    2004, EDI-INF-RR0474
  • A little logic goes a long way: basing experiment on semantic theory in the cognitive science of conditional reasoning
    Keith Stenning and Michiel van Lambalgen
    2004, EDI-INF-RR0755
  • Acquiring the meaning of discourse markers
    Ben Hutchinson
    Jul 2004, EDI-INF-RR0386
  • Annotating CBC4Kids: A Corpus for Reading Comprehension and Question Answering Evaluation
    Tiphaine Dalmas, Jochen Leidner, Bonnie Webber, Claire Grover and Johan Bos
    Mar 2004, EDI-INF-RR0204
  • Assessing the Complexity of Plan Recognition
    Christopher Geib
    2004, EDI-INF-RR0964
  • AutoBrief: an Experimental System for the Automatic Generation of Briefings in Integrated Text and Information Graphics
    Nancy Green, Giuseppe Carenini, Stephan Kerpedjiev, Joe Mattis, Johanna Moore and Steven Roth
    2004, EDI-INF-RR0665
  • Classification from Full Text: A Comparison of Canonical Sections of Scientific Papers
    Gail Sinclair and Bonnie Webber
    Aug 2004, EDI-INF-RR1212
  • Combining Acoustic and Pragmatic Features to Predict Recognition Performance in Spoken Dialogue Systems
    Oliver Lemon and Malte Gabsdil
    2004, EDI-INF-RR0494
  • Discriminative training of a neural network statistical parser
    James Henderson
    2004, EDI-INF-RR1016
  • Evaluating Centering-Based Metrics of Coherence
    Nikiforos Karamanis, Massimo Poesio, Chris Mellish and Jon Oberlander
    Jul 2004, EDI-INF-RR0612
  • Generation and Evaluation of User Tailored Responses in Multimodal Dialogue
    Marilyn Walker, S Whittaker, A Stent, P Maloor, Johanna Moore, M Johnston and G Vasireddy
    2004, EDI-INF-RR0663
  • Multithreaded context for robust conversational interfaces: context-sensitive speech recognition and interpretation of corrective fragments
    Oliver Lemon and Alexander Gruenstein
    Sep 2004, EDI-INF-RR0478
  • Namespaces in XML 1.1
    Tim Bray, Dave Hollander, Andrew Layman and Richard Tobin
    Feb 2004, EDI-INF-RR0623
  • Object Extraction and Question-Parsing using CCG
    Stephen Clark, Mark Steedman and James Curran
    2004, EDI-INF-RR0820
  • Object Oriented Prompted Play: A pragmatic approach to interactive narrative
    Daniel Roberts and Mark Wright
    2004, EDI-INF-RR0701
  • Pharaoh: a beam search decoder for phrase-based statistical machine translation models
    Philipp Koehn
    2004, EDI-INF-RR0732
  • Providing Cognitive and Affective Scaffolding Through Teaching Strategies: Applying Linguistic Politeness to the Educational Context.
    Katherine Porayska-Pomsta and Helen Pain
    2004, EDI-INF-RR0714
  • Reinterpretation and viewpoints
    Graeme Ritchie
    Mar 2004, EDI-INF-RR0195
  • Statistical Machine Translation with Word- and Sentence-Aligned Parallel Corpora
    Christopher Callison-Burch, David Talbot and Miles Osborne
    2004, EDI-INF-RR0720
  • Supporting Informality: Team Working and Integrated Care Records
    Gillian Hardstone, Mark Hartswood, Robert Procter, Roger Slack, Alexander Voss and Gwyneth Rees
    2004, EDI-INF-RR0651
  • Temporal Prepositions and their Logic
    Ian Pratt-Hartmann
    Jan 2004, EDI-INF-RR0194
  • Toponym Resolution in Text: "Which Sheffield is it?" [Doctoral Consortium]
    Jochen Leidner
    2004, EDI-INF-RR1025
  • XML Information Set (Second Edition)
    John Cowan and Richard Tobin
    Feb 2004, EDI-INF-RR0621
  • A system for identifying named entities in biomedical text: how results from two evaluations reflect on both the system and the evaluations
    Shipra Dingare, Jenny Finkel, Malvina Nissim, Chris Manning and Claire Grover
    Mar 2005, EDI-INF-RR0622
  • Automatic Cinematography and Multilingual NLG for Generating Video Documentaries
    Charles Callaway, Elena Not, Alessandra Novello, Cesare Rocchi, Oliviero Stock and Massimo Zancanaro
    Jun 2005, EDI-INF-RR1011
  • Automatic summarization of voicemail messages using lexical and prosodic features
    Steve Renals and Konstantinos Koumpis
    Feb 2005, EDI-INF-RR0658
  • Clause restructuring for statistical machine translation
    Michael Collins, Philipp Koehn and Ivona Kucerova
    2005, EDI-INF-RR0734
  • Collaboration and Trust in Healthcare Innovation: The eDiaMoND Case Study
    Marina Jirotka, Robert Procter, Mark Hartswood, Roger Slack, Andrew Simpson, Catelijne Coopmans and Chris Hinds
    Aug 2005, EDI-INF-RR0647
  • Data-defined kernels for parse reranking derived from probabilistic models
    James Henderson and Ivan Titov
    2005, EDI-INF-RR1014
  • Facilitating user feedback in the design of a novel joke generation system for people with severe communication impairment.
    Annalu Waller, Dave O'Mara, Hisar Maruli Manurung, Helen Pain and Graeme Ritchie
    Jul 2005, EDI-INF-RR1142
  • Genic Interaction Extraction with Semantic and Syntactic Chains
    Sebastian Riedel and Ewan Klein
    Aug 2005, EDI-INF-RR0573
  • Implications for Generating Clarification Requests in Task-oriented Dialogues
    Verena Rieser and Johanna Moore
    Jun 2005, EDI-INF-RR0657
  • Informed blending of databases for emotional speech synthesis.
    Gregor Hofer, Korin Richmond and Rob Clark
    Sep 2005, EDI-INF-RR0294
  • Integration of Learning and Adaptivity with the Information State Update approach
    Oliver Lemon, Kallirroi Georgila, James Henderson, Malte Gabsdil, Ivan Meza-Ruiz and Steve Young
    Jan 2005, EDI-INF-RR0615
  • Invisible Architecture: The Benefits of Aligning People, Processes and Technology: Sociotechnical Case Studies for System Designers and Managers
    Jenny Ure and Gudrun Jaegersberg
    Mar 2005, EDI-INF-RR0808
  • Learning User Simulations for Information State Update Dialogue Systems
    Kallirroi Georgila, Oliver Lemon and James Henderson
    Sep 2005, EDI-INF-RR1125
  • Modelling the similarity of discourse connectives
    Ben Hutchinson
    Jul 2005, EDI-INF-RR0373
  • Modelling the substitutability of discourse connectives
    Ben Hutchinson
    Jul 2005, EDI-INF-RR0374
  • Phonology impacts segmentation in speech processing
    Luca Onnis, Padraic Monaghan, Korin Richmond and Nick Chater
    Aug 2005, EDI-INF-RR0292
  • Semantic interpretation as computation in nonmonotonic logic: the real meaning of the suppression task
    Keith Stenning and Michiel van Lambalgen
    2005, EDI-INF-RR0754
  • Sequence Modelling for Sentence Classification in a Legal Summarisation System
    Benjamin Hachey and Claire Grover
    Mar 2005, EDI-INF-RR0619
  • The Multi-Channel Wall Street Journal Audio Visual Corpus (MC-WSJ-AV): Specification and Initial Experiments
    Michael Lincoln, Iain McCowan, Jithendra Vepa and Hari Krishan Maganti
    2005, EDI-INF-RR1003
  • The NITE XML Toolkit: data model and query
    Jean Carletta, Stefan Evert, Ulrich Heid and Jonathan Kilgour
    Dec 2005, EDI-INF-RR0702
  • The use of Computer Aided Detection tools in screening mammography: A multidisciplinary investigation
    E Alberdi, A Povyakal, L Strigini, M Hartswood, Robert Procter and R Slack
    2005, EDI-INF-RR0675
  • What to do when lexicalization fails: Parsing German with suffix analysis and smoothing
    Amit Dubey
    Jul 2005, EDI-INF-RR0289
  • Working IT out in e-Science: Experiences of requirements capture in a HealthGrid project.
    Mark Hartswood, Marina Jirotka, Robert Procter, Roger Slack, Alexander Voss and Sharon Lloyd
    Apr 2005, EDI-INF-RR0686
  • A Socio-technical Perspective on the Design of Collaborative Systems
    Jenny Ure, Gudrun Jaegersberg, Ashley Lloyd and Mark Hartswood
    Sep 2006, EDI-INF-RR0810
  • Actions instruites et travail incarn: Pour une sociologie de lapprentissage des manires de voir professionnelles.
    Roger Slack, Mark Hartswood, Robert Procter, James Soutter, Alexander Voss and Mark Rouncefield
    2006, EDI-INF-RR0685
  • An Evaluation Dataset for the Toponym Resolution Task
    Jochen Leidner
    Jul 2006, EDI-INF-RR0838
  • Answer comparison in automated question answering
    Tiphaine Dalmas and Bonnie Webber
    2006, EDI-INF-RR0815
  • Categorial Grammar and the Semantics of Contextual Prepositional Phrases
    Nissim Francez and Mark Steedman
    Aug 2006, EDI-INF-RR0816
  • Chester: Towards a Personal Medication Adviser
    James Allen, George Ferguson, Nate Blaylock, Donna Byron, Nathaniel Chambers, Myroslava Dzikovska and Lucian Galescu
    Jan 2006, EDI-INF-RR0666
  • Cluster-based User Simulations for Learning Dialogue Strategies.
    Verena Rieser and Oliver Lemon
    Sep 2006, EDI-INF-RR1293
  • Computing Discourse Semantics: The Predicate-Argument Semantics of Discourse Connectives in D-LTAG
    Katherine Forbes-Reilly, Bonnie Webber and Aravind Joshi
    Feb 2006, EDI-INF-RR0812
  • Designing for e-Health : Recurring Scenarios in Developing Grid-based Medical Imaging Systems
    Jenny Ure, John Geddes, Clare Mackay, Sharon Lloyd, Andrew Simpson, David Power, Douglas Russell, Marina Jirotka, Mila Katzarova, Martin Rossor, Nick Fox, Jonathon Fletcher, Derek Hill, Kate McLeish, Yu Chen, Joseph V Hajnal, Stephen Lawrie, Dominic Job, Andrew McIntosh, Joanna Wardlaw, Peter Sandercock, Jeb Palmer, Dave Perry, Robert Procter, Mark Hartswood, Roger Slack, Alexander Voss, Ka Lai Ho, Philip Bath, Wim Clarke and Graham Watson
    Jun 2006, EDI-INF-RR0811
  • Evaluating Effectiveness and Portability of Reinforcement Learned Dialogue Strategies with real users: the TALK TownInfo Evaluation
    Oliver Lemon, Kallirroi Georgila and James Henderson
    Dec 2006, EDI-INF-RR0870
  • Human Reasoning and Cognitive Science: logical foundations for the psychology of reasoning
    Keith Stenning and Michiel van Lambalgen
    2006, EDI-INF-RR0464
  • Language With Character: A Stratified Corpus Comparison of Individual Differences in E-Mail Communication
    Jon Oberlander and Alastair Gill
    Dec 2006, EDI-INF-RR1158
  • Learning More Effective Dialogue Strategies Using Limited Dialogue Move Features
    Matthew Frampton and Oliver Lemon
    2006, EDI-INF-RR0864
  • Learning More Effective Dialogue Strategies Using Limited Dialogue Move Features
    Matthew Frampton and Oliver Lemon
    2006, EDI-INF-RR0899
  • MagiCster: Believable Agents and Dialogue
    Colin Matheson, Catherine Pelachaud, Fiorella de Rosis and Thomas Rist
    2006, EDI-INF-RR0631
  • Namespaces in XML 1.0 (Second Edition)
    Tim Bray, Dave Hollander, Andrew Layman and Richard Tobin
    Aug 2006, EDI-INF-RR0843
  • Namespaces in XML 1.1 (Second Edition)
    Tim Bray, Dave Hollander, Andrew Layman and Richard Tobin
    Aug 2006, EDI-INF-RR0844
  • Probabilistic goal recognition system and method incorporating inferred unobserved actions
    Christopher Geib and Robert Goldman
    Dec 2006, EDI-INF-RR0965
  • QoS Explorer: A Tool for Exploring QoS in Composed Services
    Conrad Hughes and Jamie Hillman
    Oct 2006, EDI-INF-RR1063
  • Reconnecting interpretation to reasoning through individual differences
    Keith Stenning and Richard Cox
    2006, EDI-INF-RR0753
  • Time and Representational Devices in Rapid Application Development.
    Roger Slack, Douglas Tudhope, Paul Benyan-Davies and Hugh Mackay
    2006, EDI-INF-RR0687
  • Tools to Address the Interdependence between Tokenisation and Standoff Annotation
    Claire Grover, Michael Matthews and Richard Tobin
    Apr 2006, EDI-INF-RR0802
  • Toponym Resolution: A First Large-Scale Comparative Evaluation
    Jochen Leidner
    Jul 2006, EDI-INF-RR0839
  • Towards a Bell-Curve Calculus and its Application to e-Science
    Lin Yang, Alan Bundy, Dave Berry and Conrad Hughes
    Mar 2006, EDI-INF-RR1069
  • Towards a Bell-Curve Calculus for e-Science
    Lin Yang, Alan Bundy, Dave Berry and Conrad Hughes
    Sep 2006, EDI-INF-RR1068
  • Using Machine Learning to Explore Human Multimodal Clarification Strategies
    Verena Rieser and Oliver Lemon
    2006, EDI-INF-RR0865
  • Attribution and its Annotation in the Penn Discourse TreeBank
    Rashmi Prasad, Nikhil Dinesh, Alan Lee, Aravind Joshi and Bonnie Webber
    2007, EDI-INF-RR1356
  • CCGbank: A Corpus of CCG Derivations and Dependency Structures Extracted from the Penn Treebank
    Julia Hockenmaier and Mark Steedman
    Sep 2007, EDI-INF-RR1140
  • Combining Term-Based and Event-Based Matching for Question Answering
    Michael Wiegand, Jochen Leidner and Dietrich Klakow
    Jul 2007, EDI-INF-RR1046
  • Eyetracking for two-person tasks with manipulation of a virtual world
    Jean Carletta, Craig Nicol, Timothy Taylor, Robin Hill, Jan Peter de Ruiter and Ellen Gurman Bard
    2007, EDI-INF-RR1007
  • Factored Translation Models
    Philipp Koehn and Hieu Hoang
    Jun 2007, EDI-INF-RR1221
  • Incremental Bayesian Networks for Structure Prediction
    Ivan Titov and James Henderson
    Jun 2007, EDI-INF-RR1013
  • Marking Time in Developmental Biology: A corpus annotated for developmental entities and stages.
    Gail Sinclair and Bonnie Webber
    Jun 2007, EDI-INF-RR1215
  • Moses: Open Source Toolkit for Statistical Machine Translation
    Philipp Koehn, Hieu Hoang, Alexandra Birch-Mayne, Christopher Callison-Burch, Marcello Federico, Nicola Bertoldi, Brooke Cowan, Wade Shen, Christine Moran, Richard Zens, Chris Dyer, Ondrej Bojar, Alexandra Constantin and Evan Herbst
    Jun 2007, EDI-INF-RR1222
  • On Natural Language Processing and Plan Recognition
    Christopher Geib and Mark Steedman
    Jan 2007, EDI-INF-RR0962
  • Resource Monitoring in Information Extraction
    Jochen Leidner
    Jul 2007, EDI-INF-RR0995
  • The AMI System For The Transcription Of Speech In Meetings
    Thomas Hain, Lukas Burget, John Dines, Giulia Garau, Michael Lincoln, Jithendra Vepa and Martin Karafiat
    2007, EDI-INF-RR1002
  • The Extraction of Enriched Protein-Protein Interactions from Biomedical Text
    Barry Haddow and Michael Matthews
    Jun 2007, EDI-INF-RR1059
  • Using Lexicalized Grammars and Headedness for Approximate Plan Recognition
    Christopher Geib
    2007, EDI-INF-RR0990
  • Departures from Tree Structures in Discourse: Shared Arguments in the Penn Discourse Treebank
    Alan Lee, Rashmi Prasad, Aravind Joshi and Bonnie Webber
    Jul 2008, EDI-INF-RR1355
  • Learning Effective Multimodal Dialogue Strategies from Wizard-of-Oz data: Bootstrapping and Evaluation
    Verena Rieser and Oliver Lemon
    Jun 2008, EDI-INF-RR1294
  • Observations of the Scottish elections 2007
    Russell Lock, Tim Storer, Natalie Harvey, Conrad Hughes and Ian Sommerville
    2008, EDI-INF-RR1361
  • Genre Distinctions for Discourse in the Penn TreeBank
    Bonnie Webber
    Aug 2009, EDI-INF-RR1354
  • Natural Language Generation as Planning Under Uncertainty for Spoken Dialogue Systems
    Verena Rieser and Oliver Lemon
    Mar 2009, EDI-INF-RR1324
  • Use of the Edinburgh Geoparser in the GeoDigRef and Embedding GeoCrossWalk Projects
    Claire Grover, Richard Tobin, Kate Byrne and Matthew Woollard
    Jan 2010, EDI-INF-RR1360

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