Institute for Adaptive and Neural Computation Publications
  • The Direct Route: Mediated Priming in Semantic Space
    Will Lowe and Scott McDonald
    Apr 2000, EDI-INF-RR0017
  • Tilt aftereffects in a self-organizing model of the primary visual cortex.
    James Bednar and Risto Miikkulainen
    2000, EDI-INF-RR0339
  • NEOSIM: Portable large-scale plug and play modelling
    Nigel Goddard, G Hood, Fred Howell, M Hines and E De Schutter
    Jun 2001, EDI-INF-RR0301
  • Software related to XML standards for Neuroscience
    Fred Howell
    2001, EDI-INF-RR0345
  • Towards NeuroML: Model Description Methods for Collaborative Modeling in Neuroscience.
    Nigel Goddard, M Hucka, Fred Howell, H Cornelis, K Skankar and D Beeman
    Aug 2001, EDI-INF-RR0297
  • Catalyzer software & website
    Fred Howell, Robert Cannon, Richard Kent, Dominic Seymour, Rodrigo Barnes, Jonathan Ritchie and Donal Stewart
    2002, EDI-INF-RR0344
  • Correlated sequence learning in a network of spiking neurons using maximum likelihood
    David Barber and Felix Agakov
    Apr 2002, EDI-INF-RR0149
  • Functional interactions within the subthalamic nucleus: Implications for basal ganglia dynamics.
    Andrew Gillies, David Willshaw, J Atherton and G Arbuthnott
    2002, EDI-INF-RR0287
  • Non-curated distributed databases for experimental data and models in neuroscience.
    Robert Cannon, Fred Howell, Nigel Goddard and E De Schutter
    2002, EDI-INF-RR0298
  • PAC-Bayesian Generalization Error Bounds for Gaussian Process Classification
    Matthias Seeger
    Mar 2002, EDI-INF-RR0094
  • Stochastic resonance in visual cortical neurons: does the eye-tremor actually improve visual acuity?
    Matthias Hennig, Nicolas Kerscher, Klaus Funke and Florentin Wrgtter
    2002, EDI-INF-RR0736
  • Subthalamic pallidal interactions are critical in determining normal and abnormal functioning of the basal ganglia
    Andrew Gillies and David Willshaw
    2002, EDI-INF-RR0285
  • Temporal Hidden Hopfield Models
    Felix Agakov and David Barber
    Nov 2002, EDI-INF-RR0156
  • The Influence of Different Retinal Subcircuits on the Nonlinearity of Ganglion Cell Behavior.
    Matthias Hennig, Klaus Funke and Florentin Wrgtter
    Oct 2002, EDI-INF-RR0735
  • Blind Separation of Post-nonlinear Mixtures using Linearizing Transformations and Temporal Decorrelation
    Andreas Ziehe, Motoaki Kawanabe, Stefan Harmeling and Klaus-Robert Muller
    Dec 2003, EDI-INF-RR0751
  • Effect of developmental sensory and motor deprivation on the functional organization of adult rat somatosensory cortex.
    Irina Erchova, Rasmus Petersen and Mathew Diamond
    May 2003, EDI-INF-RR0929
  • Kernel-based nonlinear blind source separation
    Stefan Harmeling, Andreas Ziehe, Motoaki Kawanabe and Klaus-Robert Muller
    2003, EDI-INF-RR0750
  • Models for topographic map formation.
    David Willshaw and D.J. Price
    2003, EDI-INF-RR0683
  • An Auxiliary Variational Method
    Felix Agakov and David Barber
    Apr 2004, EDI-INF-RR0205
  • Dynamics of rat entorhinal cortex layer II and III cells: characteristics of membrane potential resonance at rest predict oscillation properties near threshold
    Irina Erchova, Gunter Kreck, Uwe Heinemann and Andreas Herz
    Oct 2004, EDI-INF-RR0926
  • Eye micro-movements improve stimulus detection beyond the Nyquist limit in the peripheral retina.
    Matthias Hennig and Florentin Worgotter
    2004, EDI-INF-RR0738
  • Greedy Learning of Multiple Objects in Images using Robust Statistics and Factorial Learning
    Chris Williams and Michalis Titsias
    May 2004, EDI-INF-RR0259
  • Hemispheric asymmetries in cognitive modelling: Connectionist modeling of unilateral visual neglect.
    Padraic Monaghan and Richard Shillcock
    2004, EDI-INF-RR0357
  • Injecting noise for analysing the stability of ICA components
    Stefan Harmeling, Frank Meinecke and Klaus-Robert Muller
    Feb 2004, EDI-INF-RR0749
  • Models of the Subthalamic Nucleus. The importance of intranuclear connectivity
    Andrew Gillies and David Willshaw
    2004, EDI-INF-RR0286
  • Radish encodes a phospholipase-A2 and defines a neural circuit involved in anesthesia-resistant memory.
    AS Chiang, A Blum, J Barditch, YH Chen, SL Chiu, M Regulski, Douglas Armstrong, T Tully and J Dubnau
    2004, EDI-INF-RR0327
  • Rapid fluctuations in rat barrel cortex plasticity
    Irina Erchova and Mathew Diamond
    Jun 2004, EDI-INF-RR0927
  • Scaling self-organizing maps to model large cortical networks.
    James Bednar, Amol Kelkar and Risto Miikkulainen
    2004, EDI-INF-RR0340
  • Subthreshold resonance explains the frequency-dependent integration of periodic as well as random stimuli in the entorhinal cortex
    Susanne Schreiber, Irina Erchova, Uwe Heinemann and Andreas Herz
    Jul 2004, EDI-INF-RR0928
  • Tools and databases for 3D neural reconstructions
    Fred Howell, Nicola McDonnel, Peter Varany and Laszlo Zaborsky
    2004, EDI-INF-RR0346
  • Variational Information Maximization in Gaussian Channels
    Felix Agakov and David Barber
    Apr 2004, EDI-INF-RR0206
  • fMRI correlates of state and trait effects in subjects at genetically enhanced risk of schizophrenia
    H. C. Whalley, E Simonotto, Susanna Flett, I Marshall, K Ebmeier, D Owens and Nigel Goddard
    Jan 2004, EDI-INF-RR0959
  • An Expectation Maximisation Algorithm for One-to-Many Record Linkage, Illustrated on the Problem of Matching Far Infra-Red Astronomical Sources to Optical Counterparts
    Amos Storkey, Chris Williams, Emma Taylor and Robert G Mann
    Aug 2005, EDI-INF-RR0318
  • Catalyzer: a novel tool for integrating, managing and publishing heterogeneous bioscience data
    Fred Howell, Robert Cannon and Nigel Goddard
    2005, EDI-INF-RR0343
  • Constructing good learners using evolved pattern generators.
    Vinod Valsalam, James Bednar and Risto Miikkulainen
    2005, EDI-INF-RR0384
  • Dynamic competition between contour integration and contour segmentation probed with moving stimuli
    Jean Lorenceau, Anne Giersch and Peggy Series
    2005, EDI-INF-RR1216
  • Gravitaxis in Drosophila melanogaster: A forward genetic screen.
    Douglas Armstrong, MJ Texada, R Munjal, Dean Baker and KM Beckingham
    2005, EDI-INF-RR0316
  • Membrane channel interactions underlying rat subthalamic projection neuron rhythmic and bursting activity
    Andrew Gillies and David Willshaw
    2005, EDI-INF-RR0388
  • On the Eigenspectrum of the Gram Matrix and the Generalization Error of Kernel PCA
    John Shawe-Taylor, Chris Williams, Nello Cristianini and Jaz Kandola
    2005, EDI-INF-RR0382
  • Self-organisation in the nervous system.
    David Willshaw
    2005, EDI-INF-RR0682
  • Synapse proteomics of multiprotein complexes: en route from genes to nervous system diseases
    SG Grant, MC Marshall, KL Page, MA Cumiskey and Douglas Armstrong
    2005, EDI-INF-RR0380
  • The cingulate as a catalyst region for global dysfunction: a dynamical modelling paradigm.
    D.M. Kronhaus and David Willshaw
    2005, EDI-INF-RR0681
  • The female receptivity phenotype of icebox mutants is caused by a mutation in the L1-CAM neuroglian.
    A Carhan, F Allen, Douglas Armstrong, SF Goodwin and KMC O'Dell
    2005, EDI-INF-RR0326
  • Analysis of mouse EphA knockins and knockouts suggests that retinal axons programme target cells to form ordered retinotopic maps
    David Willshaw
    Jul 2006, EDI-INF-RR1072
  • Extracting Motion Primitives from Natural Handwriting Data
    Benjamin Williams, Marc Toussaint and Amos Storkey
    2006, EDI-INF-RR0847
  • Factorial Switching Kalman Filters for Condition Monitoring in Neonatal Intensive Care
    Chris Williams, John Quinn and Neil McIntosh
    Jan 2006, EDI-INF-RR0887
  • From outliers to prototypes: Ordering data
    Stefan Harmeling, Guido Dornhege, David Tax, Frank Meinecke and Klaus-Robert Muller
    2006, EDI-INF-RR0752
  • Generation of time delays: simplified models of intracellular signalling in cerebellar Purkinje cells.
    V Steuber, David Willshaw and A van Ooyen
    2006, EDI-INF-RR0680
  • Improved segmentation reproducibility in group tractography using a quantitative tract similarity measure
    Jonathan Clayden, Mark E. Bastin and Amos Storkey
    2006, EDI-INF-RR0872
  • On a Connection between Object Localization with a Generative Template of Features and Pose-space Prediction Methods
    Chris Williams and Moray Allan
    Jan 2006, EDI-INF-RR0719
  • Probabilistic Inference for Solving Discrete and Continuous State Markov Decision Processes
    Mark Toussaint and Amos Storkey
    2006, EDI-INF-RR0848
  • Reconstructing protein complexes: From proteomics to systems biology
    Douglas Armstrong, Andrew Pocklington, Mark Cumiskey and Seth GN Grant
    Sep 2006, EDI-INF-RR0846
  • The proteomes of neurotransmitter receptor complexes form modular networks with distributed functionality underlying plasticity and behaviour.
    Andrew Pocklington, Mark Cumiskey, Douglas Armstrong and Seth GN Grant
    Jan 2006, EDI-INF-RR0592
  • A Note on Noise-free Gaussian Process Prediction with Separable Covariance Functions and Grid Designs
    Chris Williams, Mac Baran and Edwin Bonilla
    Dec 2007, EDI-INF-RR1228
  • A biophysical model of short-term plasticity at the calyx of Held
    Matthias Hennig, Michael Postlethwaite, Ian Forsythe and Bruce Graham
    Jun 2007, EDI-INF-RR0881
  • Acceleration of AMPA receptor kinetics underlies temperature-dependent changes in synaptic strength at the rat calyx of Held
    Michael Postlethwaite, Matthias Hennig, Joern Steinert, Bruce Graham and Ian Forsythe
    Feb 2007, EDI-INF-RR0880
  • Bayesian Estimators for Robins-Ritov's Problem
    Stefan Harmeling and Marc Toussaint
    2007, EDI-INF-RR1189
  • Developing complex systems using evolved pattern generators
    James Bednar, R. Miikkulainen and V. Valsalam
    Apr 2007, EDI-INF-RR1219
  • Effects of fixational eye movements on retinal ganglion cell responses: a modelling study
    Matthias Hennig and Florentin Wrgtter
    Nov 2007, EDI-INF-RR1241
  • Exploring model selection techniques for nonlinear dimensionality reduction
    Stefan Harmeling
    2007, EDI-INF-RR0960
  • Inferring Textual Entailment with a Probabilistically Sound Calculus
    Stefan Harmeling
    2007, EDI-INF-RR1229
  • Sequential Use of Mushroom Body Neuron Subsets during Drosophila Odor Memory Processing
    Michael J Krashes, Alex C Keene, Benjamin L Leung, Douglas Armstrong and Scott Waddell
    Jan 2007, EDI-INF-RR0946
  • A neurocomputational model for optimal temporal processing
    Joachim Hass, Stefan Blaschke, Thomas Rammsayer and Michael Herrmann
    Apr 2008, EDI-INF-RR1266
  • Evolutionary expansion and anatomical specialization of synapse proteome complexity
    RD Emes, Andrew Pocklington, CN Anderson, A Bayes, MO Collins, CA Vickers, Bilal Malik, JS Choudhary, Douglas Armstrong and SG Grant
    Jul 2008, EDI-INF-RR1286
  • Interactions between multiple sources of short term plasticity during evoked and spontaneous activity at the rat calyx of Held
    Matthias Hennig, Michael Postlethwaite, Ian D. Forsythe and Bruce P. Graham
    2008, EDI-INF-RR1253
  • Symmetries, non-Euclidean metrics, and patterns in a Swift-Hohenberg model of the visual cortex
    Michael N. Mayer, Matthew Browne, Michael Herrmann and Minoru Asada
    Jun 2008, EDI-INF-RR1265
  • Wide-band information transmission at the calyx of Held
    Zhijun Yang, Matthias Hennig, Michael Postlethwaite, Ian D. Forsythe and Bruce P. Graham
    2008, EDI-INF-RR1282
  • Early-stage retinal waves arise close to a critical state between local and global functional network connectivity
    Matthias Hennig, Christopher Adams, David Willshaw and Evelyne Sernagor
    2009, EDI-INF-RR1308
  • BrainTrap: a database of 3D protein expression patterns in the Drosophila brain
    Seymour Knowles-Barley, Mark Longair and Douglas Armstrong
    Mar 2010, EDI-INF-RR1369
  • Building the central complex in Drosophila: The generation and development of distinct neural subsets
    Joanna Young and Douglas Armstrong
    2010, EDI-INF-RR1368
  • Changing dynamics of spontaneous waves during retinal development: a novel panretinal perspective achieved with the Active Pixel Sensor (APS) 4,096 electrodes array
    Evelyne Sernagor, Alessandro Maccione, Matthias Hennig, Mauro Gandolfo, Stephen Eglen and Luca Berdondini
    2010, EDI-INF-RR1387
  • Structure of the adult central complex in Drosophila: Organization of distinct neuronal subsets.
    Joanna Young and Douglas Armstrong
    Feb 2010, EDI-INF-RR1367
  • Age-dependent Homeostatic Plasticity of GABAergic Signaling in Developing Retinal Networks
    Matthias Hennig, John Grady, James van Coppenhagen and Evelyne Sernagor
    Aug 2011, EDI-INF-RR1400
  • Efficient system identification of dynamic spatio-temporal systems from point process observations
    Andrew Zammit-Mangion, Visakan Kadirkamanathan and Guido Sanguinetti
    2011, EDI-INF-RR1398
  • Mechanisms for stable and robust development of orientation maps and receptive fields
    Judith Law, Jan Antolik and James Bednar
    Feb 2011, EDI-INF-RR1404
  • The Sound of Silence: ionic mechanisms encoding sound termination
    C Kopp-Scheinpflug, A Tozer, S Robinson, B Tempel, Matthias Hennig and I Forsythe
    Sep 2011, EDI-INF-RR1401

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