Transkills Course
How to do an Informatics PhD

Pre-Course Reading

For the purposes of this course on Doing Informatics Research, it will be assumed that you have a research project, which you will be expected to analyse and describe. Normally, you would use your MSc by research, MPhil or PhD project. If, for some reason, this is inappropriate, e.g. you have not yet finalised your project, then please make up a suitable project. For instance, use someone else's projects that you have learnt about in your reading of your chosen field.

Now answer each of the following questions for your research project. When you have done this, tackle the exercise at the end. It is essential to the practical exercises in the course that you both do this exercise and bring the result with you.

Essential Pre-Course Exercise

Bearing in mind your answers to the above questions, now write a 1000 (+/- 100) word summary of your research project. Print this summary and bring it to the course with you. It is essential that you do this or you will not be able to play a full role in the practical part of the course.

In particular you should address two of the above questions with especial care, namely:

During the course, one of your fellow students will read your summary and then give you feedback on it, especially with regard to the above two questions. .