Centre for Intelligent Systems and their Applications Publications
  • The DARPA High Performance Knowledge Bases Programme
    John Kingston
    Oct 1997, EDI-INF-RR0047
  • A Computer Based Application for Ship Survey Reporting
    John Kingston, Manolis Sideris, Nikos Parthenios and Nicholas Kyrtatos
    Sep 1999, EDI-INF-RR0048
  • A Framework for the Flexible Integration of a Class of Decision Procedures into Theorem Provers
    Predrag Janicic, Alan Bundy and Ian Green
    Jan 1999, EDI-INF-RR0096
  • Artificial Intelligence and Scientific Creativity
    Simon Colton and Graham Steel
    Aug 1999, EDI-INF-RR0260
  • Choosing the Right Model
    R.R. Leitch, Qiang Shen, G.M. Coghill and M.J. Chantler
    Sep 1999, EDI-INF-RR0133
  • Extensions to the Estimation Calculus
    Jeremy Gow, Alan Bundy and Ian Green
    Jan 1999, EDI-INF-RR0098
  • Knowledge Management Techniques: Teaching & Dissemination Concepts
    Ann Mackintosh, John Kingston and Ian Filby
    Sep 1999, EDI-INF-RR0049
  • Knowledge Management through Multi-Perspective Modelling: Representing and Distributing Organizational Memory
    John Kingston and Ann Macintosh
    Dec 1999, EDI-INF-RR0052
  • Making a Productive Use of Failure to Generate Witnesses for Coinduction from Divergent Proof Attempts
    Louise Dennis, Alan Bundy and Ian Green
    1999, EDI-INF-RR0004
  • Multi-Perspective Planning - Using Domain Constraints to Support the Coordinated Development of Plans
    Austin Tate, Jeffrey Dalton and John Levine
    Apr 1999, EDI-INF-RR0111
  • O-P3: Supporting the Planning Process using Open Planning Process Panels
    Austin Tate, John Levine, Jeffrey Dalton and Stuart Aitken
    Jul 1999, EDI-INF-RR0112
  • Proofs About Lists Using Ellipsis
    Alan Bundy and Julian Richardson
    Sep 1999, EDI-INF-RR0003
  • The Automation Of Proof By Mathematical Induction
    Alan Bundy
    Apr 1999, EDI-INF-RR0002
  • Using AI Planning Techniques for Army Small Unit Operations
    Austin Tate, John Levine, Peter Jarvis and Jeffrey Dalton
    Dec 1999, EDI-INF-RR0006
  • "GenPlan": Combining Genetic Programming and Planning
    Henrik Westerberg and John Levine
    Dec 2000, EDI-INF-RR0104
  • <I-N-OVA> and <I-N-CA> - Representing Plans and other Synthesised Artifacts as a Set of Constraints
    Austin Tate
    Aug 2000, EDI-INF-RR0110
  • A Case-Based Reasoning Framework for Enterprise Model Building, Sharing and Reusing
    Jessica Chen-Burger, Dave Robertson and Justine Stader
    Jun 2000, EDI-INF-RR0022
  • A Modular Approach to Generating Fuzzy Rules with Reduced Attributes for the Monitoring of Complex Systems
    Qiang Shen and Alexios Chouchoulas
    May 2000, EDI-INF-RR0122
  • A Proposal for Automating Diagrammatic Reasoning in Continuous Domains
    Daniel Winterstein, Alan Bundy and Mateja Jamnik
    Sep 2000, EDI-INF-RR0291
  • A modular, tactic-based approach to first-order temporal theorem proving
    Claudio Castellini and Alan Smaill
    Oct 2000, EDI-INF-RR0152
  • Applying Genetic Algorithms to Hierarchical Task Network Planning
    Lea Ruscio, John Levine and John Kingston
    Dec 2000, EDI-INF-RR0105
  • Cross Domain Mathematical Concept Formation
    Graham Steel, Simon Colton, Alan Bundy and Toby Walsh
    May 2000, EDI-INF-RR0019
  • Dynamic Flexible Constraint Satisfaction
    Ian Miguel and Qiang Shen
    May 2000, EDI-INF-RR0128
  • Knowledge Acquisition and Knowledge Modelling for Operational Research
    John Kingston and Andrew Tuson
    Mar 2000, EDI-INF-RR0051
  • Multi-Predicate Induction Schemes for Mutual Recursion
    Richard Boulton
    Apr 2000, EDI-INF-RR0014
  • Solution Techniques for Constraint Satisfaction Problems: Advanced Approaches
    Ian Miguel and Qiang Shen
    May 2000, EDI-INF-RR0130
  • A Web-based Decision Support System for Divorce Lawyers
    Scott Duguid, Lillian Edwards and John Kingston
    Nov 2001, EDI-INF-RR0170
  • An expert system for evaluating the knowledge potential of databases
    Stephen Potter and Stuart Aitken
    2001, EDI-INF-RR0278
  • Applying adversarial planning techniques to Go
    Steven Willmott, Julian Richardson, Alan Bundy and John Levine
    Feb 2001, EDI-INF-RR0103
  • Basic Gene Grammars and DNA-ChartParser for language processing of Escherichia coli promoter DNA sequences
    Siu-wai Leung, Chris Mellish and Dave Robertson
    2001, EDI-INF-RR0280
  • Design synthesis knowledge and inductive machine learning
    Stephen Potter, M. J. Darlington, S. J. Culley and P. K. Chawdhry
    2001, EDI-INF-RR0275
  • Efficient Flexible Planning via Dynamic Flexible Constraint Satisfaction.
    Ian Miguel, Qiang Shen and Peter Jarvis
    May 2001, EDI-INF-RR0131
  • Evaluating Machine Creativity
    Alison Pease, Daniel Winterstein and Simon Colton
    Nov 2001, EDI-INF-RR0054
  • FuREAP: A fuzzy-rough estimator of algae population
    Qiang Shen and Alexios Chouchoulas
    May 2001, EDI-INF-RR0124
  • High Performance Knowledge Bases: Four approaches to Knowledge Acquisition, Representation and Reasoning for Workaround Planning
    John Kingston
    Nov 2001, EDI-INF-RR0050
  • I-X and <I-N-CA>: an Architecture and Related Ontology for Mixed-initiative Synthesis Tasks
    Austin Tate
    Sep 2001, EDI-INF-RR0114
  • Investigation of Different Seeding Strategies in a Genetic Planner
    Henrik Westerberg and John Levine
    Apr 2001, EDI-INF-RR0102
  • Knowledge Sharing and Inconsistency Checking on Multiple Enterprise Models
    Jessica Chen-Burger
    Feb 2001, EDI-INF-RR0037
  • Metabolic modeling of microbial strains in silico
    M.W. Covert, C.H. Schilling, I. Famili, J.S. Edwards, Igor Goryanin, E. Selkov and B.O. Palsson
    Mar 2001, EDI-INF-RR0566
  • On Compositional Modelling
    Jeroen Keppens and Qiang Shen
    Mar 2001, EDI-INF-RR0132
  • On the correction of faulty formulae
    Raul Monroy and Alan Bundy
    Sep 2001, EDI-INF-RR0182
  • Ontologies, Multi-Perspective Modelling and Knowledge Auditing
    John Kingston
    Sep 2001, EDI-INF-RR0053
  • Optimising Plans using Genetic Programming
    Henrik Westerberg and John Levine
    Sep 2001, EDI-INF-RR0100
  • Ordinal Arithmetic: A Case Study for Rippling in a Higher Order Domain
    Alan Smaill and Louise Dennis
    Apr 2001, EDI-INF-RR0040
  • Rough Set-Aided Keyword Reduction for Text Categorisation
    Alexios Chouchoulas and Qiang Shen
    May 2001, EDI-INF-RR0121
  • Rough Set-Based Dimensionality Reduction for Supervised and Unsupervised Learning
    Qiang Shen and Alexios Chouchoulas
    May 2001, EDI-INF-RR0123
  • Software Agents as Facilitators of Coherent Coalition Operations
    David Allsopp, Patrick Beautement, Jeffrey Bradshaw, John Carson, Michael Kirton, Niranjan Suri and Austin Tate
    Jun 2001, EDI-INF-RR0113
  • Solution Techniques for Constraint Satisfaction Problems: Foundations
    Ian Miguel and Qiang Shen
    May 2001, EDI-INF-RR0129
  • Strict General Setting for Building Decision Procedures into Theorem Provers
    Predrag Janicic and Alan Bundy
    Jan 2001, EDI-INF-RR0097
  • Tactic-based theorem proving in first-order modal and temporal logics
    Claudio Castellini and Alan Smaill
    Jun 2001, EDI-INF-RR0155
  • The Effect of Input Knowledge on Creativity
    Simon Colton, Alison Pease and Graeme Ritchie
    Nov 2001, EDI-INF-RR0055
  • The Synthesis of a Java Card Tokenisation Algorithm
    Ewen Denney
    Nov 2001, EDI-INF-RR0143
  • Training Personal Robots Using Natural Language Instruction
    Stanislao Lauria, Guido Bugmann, Theocharis Kyriacou, Johan Bos and Ewan Klein
    Sep 2001, EDI-INF-RR0569
  • A General Setting for Flexibly Combining and Augmenting Decision Procedures
    Predrag Janicic and Alan Bundy
    Jan 2002, EDI-INF-RR0095
  • A fuzzy-rough approach for generating classification rules
    Qiang Shen and Alexios Chouchoulas
    May 2002, EDI-INF-RR0125
  • An Approach to the Analysis and Design of Multiagent Systems based on Interaction Frames
    Michael Rovatsos, Gerhard Wei and Marco Wolf
    2002, EDI-INF-RR0248
  • Ant Colony Optimisation for Bin Packing and Cutting Stock Problems
    Frederick Ducatelle and John Levine
    Apr 2002, EDI-INF-RR0101
  • Automated Support for Composition of Transformational Components in Knowledge Engineering
    Marco Schorlemmer, Stephen Potter and Dave Robertson
    Jun 2002, EDI-INF-RR0137
  • CoAKTinG: Collaborative Advanced Knowledge Technologies in the Grid
    Simon Buckingham Shum, David De Roure, Marc Eisenstadt, Nigel Shadbolt and Austin Tate
    Jul 2002, EDI-INF-RR0117
  • Coalition Agents Experiment: Multi-Agent Co-operation in an International Coalition Setting, Special Issue on Knowledge Systems for Coalition Operations (KSCO)
    David Allsopp, Patrick Beautement, Jeffrey Bradshaw, Edmund Durfee, Michael Kirton, Craig Knoblock, Niranjan Suri, Austin Tate and Craig Thompson
    Jun 2002, EDI-INF-RR0118
  • Duality in Knowledge Sharing
    Marco Schorlemmer
    Jun 2002, EDI-INF-RR0134
  • Finding Counterexamples to Inductive Conjectures and Discovering Security Protocol Attacks
    Graham Steel, Alan Bundy and Ewen Denney
    Jul 2002, EDI-INF-RR0141
  • Formal Knowledge Management in Distributed Environments
    Marco Schorlemmer, Stephen Potter, Dave Robertson and Derek Sleeman
    Jun 2002, EDI-INF-RR0136
  • From Approximative to Descriptive Fuzzy Classifiers
    Javier Marin-Blazquez and Qiang Shen
    May 2002, EDI-INF-RR0126
  • I-P2 - Intelligent Process Panels to Support Coalition Operations
    Austin Tate, Jeffrey Dalton and Justine Stader
    Apr 2002, EDI-INF-RR0115
  • Informal Semantics for the FBPML Data Language
    Jessica Chen-Burger
    Oct 2002, EDI-INF-RR0154
  • Information-Flow-based Ontology Mapping
    Yannis Kalfoglou and Marco Schorlemmer
    Jun 2002, EDI-INF-RR0135
  • Learning Information Extraction Rules: An Inductive Logic Programming approach
    Stuart Aitken
    Jul 2002, EDI-INF-RR0274
  • Logic-based Program Synthesis via Program Extraction
    Ewen Denney
    Mar 2002, EDI-INF-RR0142
  • Merging Top Level Ontologies for Scientific Knowledge Management
    John Kingston
    Aug 2002, EDI-INF-RR0171
  • Mobile robot programming using natural language
    Stanislao Lauria, Guido Bugmann, Theocharis Kyriacou and Ewan Klein
    Mar 2002, EDI-INF-RR0739
  • Music and Artificial Intelligence: Second International Conference, ICMAI 2002
    Alan Smaill, Christina Anagnostopoulou and Miguel Ferrand
    2002, EDI-INF-RR0785
  • On the insufficiency of ontologies: problems in knowledge sharing and alternative solutions
    Flavio S. Correa da Silva, Wamberto W. Vasconcelos, Dave Robertson, Virginia Brilhante, Ana C. V. de Melo, Marcelo Finger and Jaume Agusti
    2002, EDI-INF-RR0281
  • Ontology, Knowledge Management, Knowledge Engineering and the ACM Classification Scheme
    John Kingston
    Dec 2002, EDI-INF-RR0169
  • Prototyping a Legal Decision Support System: A Case Study
    John Kingston, Lillian Edwards and Jean Hall
    Nov 2002, EDI-INF-RR0165
  • Regaining comprehensibility of approximative fuzzy models via the use of linguistic hedges
    Javier Marin-Blazquez and Qiang Shen
    May 2002, EDI-INF-RR0127
  • Rough Feature Selection for Neural Network Based Image Classification
    Changjing Shang and Qiang Shen
    Mar 2002, EDI-INF-RR0200
  • Searching for Invariants using Temporal Resolution
    James Brotherston, Alexei Lisitsa, Michael Fisher and Anatoli Degtyarev
    Aug 2002, EDI-INF-RR0144
  • Sharing and Checking Organisation Knowledge
    Jessica Chen-Burger
    Jul 2002, EDI-INF-RR0352
  • Skill-based Resource Allocation using Genetic Algorithms and an Ontology
    Kushan Nammuni, John Levine and John Kingston
    Sep 2002, EDI-INF-RR0174
  • Using Animation in Diagrammatic Theorem Proving
    Daniel Winterstein, Alan Bundy, Corin Gurr and Mateja Jamnik
    2002, EDI-INF-RR0331
  • A Proposal for Interactive Program Generation
    Daniel Winterstein
    Oct 2003, EDI-INF-RR0207
  • Attacking the Asokan--Ginzboorg Protocol for Key Distribution in an Ad-Hoc Bluetooth Network Using CORAL
    Graham Steel, Alan Bundy and Monika Maidl
    Oct 2003, EDI-INF-RR0179
  • Automatic conceptual design using experience-derived heuristics
    Stephen Potter, M. J. Darlington, S. J. Culley and P. K. Chawdhry
    2003, EDI-INF-RR0276
  • Choosing Your Knowledge Management Strategy
    Knox Haggie and John Kingston
    Jun 2003, EDI-INF-RR0258
  • Dialogue Protocols for Multi-Agent Systems
    Christopher Walton
    Sep 2003, EDI-INF-RR0183
  • Dynamic Ontology Refinement
    Fiona McNeill, Alan Bundy and Marco Schorlemmer
    Jun 2003, EDI-INF-RR0177
  • Formal Support for Adaptive Workflow Systems in a Distributed Environment
    Jessica Chen-Burger and Justine Stader
    2003, EDI-INF-RR0351
  • Fuzzy rrDFCSP and planning
    Ian Miguel and Qiang Shen
    Jan 2003, EDI-INF-RR0199
  • Knowledge Management using Business Process Modeling and Workflow Techniques
    Hsiang-Ling Kuo, Jessica Chen-Burger and Dave Robertson
    May 2003, EDI-INF-RR0172
  • Mapping Principles Between IX and Compendium
    Jessica Chen-Burger
    May 2003, EDI-INF-RR0167
  • On differences between the real and physical Plane: Analysis of the inside relation
    Daniel Winterstein
    Dec 2003, EDI-INF-RR0208
  • Plan Execution Failure Analysis Using Plan Deconstruction
    Fiona McNeill, Alan Bundy and Christopher Walton
    Dec 2003, EDI-INF-RR0253
  • Reconstruction of metabolic networks from genome data and analysis of their global structure for various organisms
    Hongwu Ma and An-Ping Zeng
    Jan 2003, EDI-INF-RR0985
  • The Coalition Agents Experiment: Network-Enabled Coalition Operations
    D Allsopp, P Beautement, M Kirton, Austin Tate, J. M. Bradshaw, N Suri and M Burstein
    Sep 2003, EDI-INF-RR0365
  • The connectivity structure, giant strong component and centrality of metabolic networks
    Hongwu Ma and An-Ping Zeng
    2003, EDI-INF-RR0986
  • Using Information-Flow Theory to Enable Semantic Interoperability
    Marco Schorlemmer and Yannis Kalfoglou
    Mar 2003, EDI-INF-RR0161
  • An Automatic Translator from KIF to PDDL
    Fiona McNeill, Alan Bundy and Christopher Walton
    Dec 2004, EDI-INF-RR0252
  • An Experimental Comparison of Diagrammatic and Algebraic Logics
    Daniel Winterstein, Alan Bundy, Corin Gurr and Mateja Jamnik
    2004, EDI-INF-RR0348
  • An extended transcriptional regulatory network of Escherichia coli and analysis of its hierarchical structure and network motifs
    Hongwu Ma, Baharani Kumar, Uta Ditges, Florian Gunzer, Jan Buer and An-Ping Zeng
    2004, EDI-INF-RR0988
  • Applying KAoS Services to Ensure Policy Compliance for Semantic Web Services Workflow Composition and Enactment
    Andrzej Uszok, Jeffrey M. Bradshaw, Renia Jeffers, Austin Tate and Jeffrey Dalton
    Nov 2004, EDI-INF-RR1056
  • Attacking Group Multicast Key Management Protocols Using CORAL
    Graham Steel and Alan Bundy
    2004, EDI-INF-RR0269
  • Attacking a Protocol for Group Key Agreement by Refuting Incorrect Inductive Conjectures
    Graham Steel, Alan Bundy and Monika Maidl
    2004, EDI-INF-RR0270
  • Automatic Generation of Classification Theorems for Finite Algebras
    Simon Colton, Andreas Meier, Volker Sorge and Roy McCasland
    Jul 2004, EDI-INF-RR0371
  • Compositional Model Repositories via Dynamic Constraint Satisfaction with Order-of-Magnitude Preferences
    Jeroen Keppens and Qiang Shen
    Mar 2004, EDI-INF-RR0196
  • Decomposition of metabolic network based on the global connectivity structure of reaction graph
    Hongwu Ma, Xueming Zhao, Yingjin Yuan and An-Ping Zeng
    2004, EDI-INF-RR0987
  • Exhibiting the Behaviour of Time-Delayed Systems via an Extension to Qualitative Simulation
    Ian Miguel and Qiang Shen
    Mar 2004, EDI-INF-RR0202
  • FCA in knowledge technologies: experiences and opportunities
    Yannis Kalfoglou, Srinandan Dasmahapatra and Jessica Chen-Burger
    Feb 2004, EDI-INF-RR0355
  • Facilitating Agent Communication through Detecting, Diagnosing and Refining Ontological Mismatch
    Fiona McNeill, Alan Bundy and Christopher Walton
    Jun 2004, EDI-INF-RR0245
  • Fault Identification through the Combination of Symbolic Conflict Recognition and Markov Chain-aided Belief Revision
    Finlay Smith and Qiang Shen
    Mar 2004, EDI-INF-RR0203
  • Feature selection and classification for microarray data analysis: Evolutionary methods for identifying predictive genes
    Thanyaluk Jirapech-Umpai and Stuart Aitken
    Dec 2004, EDI-INF-RR0874
  • Fuzzy rough attribute reduction with application to web categorization
    Richard Jensen and Qiang Shen
    Jan 2004, EDI-INF-RR0197
  • Fuzzy-Rough Data Reduction with Ant Colony Optimization
    Richard Jensen and Qiang Shen
    Mar 2004, EDI-INF-RR0201
  • KAoS Policy Management for Semantic Web Services
    Andrzej Uszok, Jeffrey M. Bradshaw, Matthew Johnson, Renia Jeffers, Austin Tate, Jeffrey Dalton and Stuart Aitken
    Jul 2004, EDI-INF-RR0551
  • KAoS Policy Management for Semantic Web Services
    Andrzej Uszok, Jeffrey M. Bradshaw, Renia Jeffers, Austin Tate, Jeffrey Dalton and Stuart Aitken
    Jul 2004, EDI-INF-RR1057
  • Knowledge-based phylogenetic classification mining
    I. Bichindaritz and Stephen Potter
    2004, EDI-INF-RR0279
  • Model Checking Agent Dialogues in SPIN
    Christopher Walton
    Jan 2004, EDI-INF-RR0191
  • Model Checking Multi-Agent Web Services
    Christopher Walton
    Mar 2004, EDI-INF-RR0369
  • Monte Carlo Sampling and Counting Solutions in Reduced Boolean Parity
    Mark Collins
    Nov 2004, EDI-INF-RR0240
  • Multi-Agent Dialogue Protocols
    Christopher Walton
    Jan 2004, EDI-INF-RR0370
  • On the Emergent Semantic Web and Overlooked Issues
    Y Kalfoglou, H Alani, M Schorlemmer and Christopher Walton
    Nov 2004, EDI-INF-RR0368
  • Part-of Relations in Anatomy Ontologies: A Proposal for RDFS and OWL Formalisations
    Stuart Aitken, B.L. Webber and J. B. L. Bard
    2004, EDI-INF-RR0273
  • Rapid Prototyping of Large Multi-Agent Systems through Logic Programming
    Wamberto W Vasconcelos, Dave Robertson, Carles Sierra, Marc Esteva, Jordi Sabater and Michael J Wooldridge
    2004, EDI-INF-RR0283
  • Selecting Informative Features with Fuzzy-Rough Sets and its Application for Complex Systems Monitoring
    Qiang Shen and Richard Jensen
    Mar 2004, EDI-INF-RR0198
  • Supporting Collaboration through Semantic-based Workflow and Constraint Solving
    Jessica Chen-Burger, Kit-Ying Hui, Alun D. Preece, Peter M. D. Gray and Austin Tate
    Oct 2004, EDI-INF-RR0353
  • A Semantic-based Workflow Choreography for Integrated Sensing and Processing
    Jessica Chen-Burger and Fang-Pang Lin
    May 2005, EDI-INF-RR0356
  • A semantic service environment: a case study in bioinformatics
    Stephen Potter and Stuart Aitken
    2005, EDI-INF-RR0277
  • Automatic Verification of Design Patterns in Java
    Alexander Blewitt, Alan Bundy and Ian Stark
    Nov 2005, EDI-INF-RR0989
  • Automating Business Modelling: A Guide to Using Logic to Represent Informal Methods and Support Reasoning
    Jessica Chen-Burger and Dave Robertson
    Jan 2005, EDI-INF-RR0943
  • Collaboration in the Semantic Grid: a Basis for e-Learning
    Kevin Page, Danius Michaelides, Simon Buckingham Shum, Jessica Chen-Burger, Jeffrey Dalton, David De Roure and Marc Eisenstadt
    2005, EDI-INF-RR0349
  • Deduction with XOR Constraints in Security API Modelling
    Graham Steel
    Jul 2005, EDI-INF-RR0267
  • Electrostatic Potentials of E. coli genome DNA
    Svetlana Kamzolova, Anatoly Sorokin, Timur Dzhelyadin, Peter Beskaravainy and Alexander Osypov
    Dec 2005, EDI-INF-RR0916
  • Formalising concepts of species, sex and developmental stage in anatomical ontologies
    Stuart Aitken
    Mar 2005, EDI-INF-RR0271
  • GPX-Macrophage Expression Atlas: A database for expression profiles of macrophages challenged with a variety of pro-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory, benign and pathogen insults
    Graeme Grimes, Stuart Moodie, John Beattie, Marie Craigon, Paul Dickinson, Thorsten Forster and Andrew Livingston
    Dec 2005, EDI-INF-RR0918
  • Genic Interaction Extraction with Semantic and Syntactic Chains
    Sebastian Riedel and Ewan Klein
    Aug 2005, EDI-INF-RR0573
  • Geometry Explorer: Combining Dynamic Geometry, Automated Geometry Theorem Proving and Diagrammatic Proofs
    Sean Wilson and Jacques Fleuriot
    Apr 2005, EDI-INF-RR0242
  • Interactive and Hierarchical Tracing of Techniques in IsaPlanner
    Lucas Dixon
    2005, EDI-INF-RR0892
  • Planning from rich ontologies through translation betweeen representations
    Fiona McNeill, Alan Bundy and Christopher Walton
    Jun 2005, EDI-INF-RR0244
  • Psychological validity of schematic proofs
    Alan Bundy and Mateja Jamnik
    Feb 2005, EDI-INF-RR1257
  • Rippling: Meta-Level Guidance for Mathematical Reasoning
    Alan Bundy, David Basin, Dieter Hutter and Andrew Ireland
    Jun 2005, EDI-INF-RR0315
  • The Nature of Mathematical Proof
    Alan Bundy, Michael Atiyah, Angus Macintyre and Donald Mackenzie
    Oct 2005, EDI-INF-RR0394
  • What is a proof?
    Alan Bundy, Mateja Jamnik and Andrew Fugard
    Oct 2005, EDI-INF-RR0869
  • An Ontology-Based Conceptual Mapping Framework for Translating FBPML to the Web Services Ontology
    Gayathri Nadarajan and Jessica Chen-Burger
    May 2006, EDI-INF-RR0762
  • Attacking Group Protocols by Refuting Incorrect Inductive Conjectures
    Graham Steel and Alan Bundy
    Jan 2006, EDI-INF-RR0268
  • Automatic Analysis of the Security of XOR-based Key Management Schemes
    Veronique Cortier, Gavin Keighren and Graham Steel
    Sep 2006, EDI-INF-RR0863
  • Automatic Construction and Verification of Isotopy Invariants
    Volker Sorge, Andreas Meier, Roy McCasland and Simon Colton
    Oct 2006, EDI-INF-RR0944
  • Best-First Rippling
    Moa Johansson, Alan Bundy and Lucas Dixon
    Aug 2006, EDI-INF-RR0849
  • Constructing, Selecting and Repairing Representations of Knowledge
    Alan Bundy
    Jul 2006, EDI-INF-RR0841
  • Formal Analysis of PIN Block Attacks
    Graham Steel
    Nov 2006, EDI-INF-RR0827
  • Mapping Fundamental Business Process Modelling Language to OWL-S
    Gayathri Nadarajan and Jessica Chen-Burger
    May 2006, EDI-INF-RR0761
  • Mining housekeeping genes with a Naive Bayes classifier
    Luna De Ferrari and Stuart Aitken
    Oct 2006, EDI-INF-RR0873
  • On Repairing Reasoning Reversals via Representational Refinements
    Alan Bundy, Fiona McNeill and Christopher Walton
    May 2006, EDI-INF-RR0837
  • PDQ Wizard: automated prioritization and characterization of gene and protein lists using biomedical literature
    Graeme Grimes, T Wen, Muriel Mewissen, R Baxter, Stuart Moodie, John Beattie and Peter Ghazal
    Jun 2006, EDI-INF-RR0923
  • Planning as Deductive Synthesis in Intuitionistic Linear Logic
    Lucas Dixon, Alan Smaill and Alan Bundy
    2006, EDI-INF-RR0786
  • Semantic Grid Services for Video Analysis
    Gayathri Nadarajan, Jessica Chen-Burger and James Malone
    Dec 2006, EDI-INF-RR0957
  • Semantic-Based Workflow Composition for Video Processing in the Grid
    Gayathri Nadarajan, Jessica Chen-Burger and James Malone
    Dec 2006, EDI-INF-RR0884
  • Specifying the Intertwining of Cooperation and Autonomy in Agent-based Systems
    Gerhard Weiss, Matthias Nickles, Michael Rovatsos and Felix Fischer
    2006, EDI-INF-RR0249
  • Towards a Bell-Curve Calculus for e-Science
    Lin Yang, Alan Bundy, Dave Berry and Conrad Hughes
    Sep 2006, EDI-INF-RR0842
  • A Formal Theory of Key Conjuring
    Veronique Cortier, Stephanie Delaune and Graham Steel
    Jul 2007, EDI-INF-RR1004
  • A Modular Approach for Automating Video Analysis
    Gayathri Nadarajan and Arnaud Renouf
    Aug 2007, EDI-INF-RR1120
  • Argumentation-Based Inference and Decision Making - A Medical Perspective
    John Fox, David Glasspool, Dan Grecu, Sanjay Modgil, Matthew South and Vivek Patkar
    Dec 2007, EDI-INF-RR1227
  • Automatic synthesis of decision procedures
    Predrag Janicic and Alan Bundy
    2007, EDI-INF-RR1247
  • Cooperating Reasoning Processes: More than Just the Sum of their Parts
    Alan Bundy
    Jan 2007, EDI-INF-RR0954
  • Dynamic, automatic, first-order ontology repair by diagnosis of failed plan execution
    Fiona McNeill and Alan Bundy
    2007, EDI-INF-RR1149
  • Fast, but Approximate, Workflow-Runtime Estimation Using the Bell-Curve Calculus
    Lin Yang, Alan Bundy, Conrad Hughes and Dave Berry
    2007, EDI-INF-RR1246
  • IsaPlanner 2: A Proof Planner in Isabelle
    Lucas Dixon and Moa Johansson
    2007, EDI-INF-RR1302
  • Planning and Choosing: Augmenting HTN-Based Agents with Mental Attitudes
    Gerhard Wickler, Stephen Potter, Austin Tate, Michal Pechoucek and Eduard Semsch
    Nov 2007, EDI-INF-RR1119
  • Structure Preserving Semantic Matching
    Fausto Giunchiglia, Mikalai Yatskevich and Fiona McNeill
    2007, EDI-INF-RR0955
  • Supporting medical planning by mitigating cognitive load
    David Glasspool, Ayelet Oettinger, James Smith-Spark, Fortunato Castillo, Victoria Monaghan and John Fox
    Dec 2007, EDI-INF-RR1226
  • The Application of Advanced Knowledge Technologies for Emergency Response
    Stephen Potter, Yannis Kalfoglou., Harith Alani, Michelle Bachler, Simon Buckingham Shum, Rodrigo Carvalho, Ajay Chakravarthy, Stuart Chalmers, Sam Chapman, Bo Hu, Alun Preece, Nigel Shadbolt, Austin Tate and Mischa Tuffield
    May 2007, EDI-INF-RR1000
  • Translating Fundamental Business Process Modelling Language to the Web Services Ontology through Lightweight Mapping
    Gayathri Nadarajan and Yun-Heh Chen-Burger
    2007, EDI-INF-RR0942
  • Translating Fundamental Business Process Modelling Language to the Web Services Ontology through Lightweight Mapping
    Gayathri Nadarajan and Jessica Chen-Burger
    Feb 2007, EDI-INF-RR0956
  • Where's My Stuff? An Ontology Repair Plan
    Alan Bundy
    Jul 2007, EDI-INF-RR1225
  • Automatic Construction and Verification of Isotopy Invariants
    Volker Sorge, Andreas Meier, Roy McCasland and Simon Colton
    2008, EDI-INF-RR1255
  • Automating Signature Evolution in Logical Theories
    Alan Bundy
    Jul 2008, EDI-INF-RR1271
  • Extending Graphical Representations for Compact Closed Categories with Applications to Symbolic Quantum Computation
    Lucas Dixon and Ross Duncan
    2008, EDI-INF-RR1303
  • Good Enough Answer Algorithms
    Fausto Giunchiglia, Carles Sierra, Fiona McNeill, Nardine Osman and Ronny Siebes
    2008, EDI-INF-RR1260
  • Graphical Reasoning in Compact Closed Categories for Quantum Computation
    Lucas Dixon and Ross Duncan
    2008, EDI-INF-RR1301
  • Inconstancy: An Ontology Repair Plan for Adding Hidden Variables
    Michael Chan and Alan Bundy
    Nov 2008, EDI-INF-RR1314
  • OBO Explorer: an editor for open biomedical ontologies in OWL
    Stuart Aitken, Yin Chen and Jonathan Bard
    Feb 2008, EDI-INF-RR1234
  • Ontology Evolution in Physics (Thesis Proposal)
    Michael Chan
    Dec 2008, EDI-INF-RR1313
  • Towards Ontology Evolution in Physics
    Alan Bundy and Michael Chan
    Jul 2008, EDI-INF-RR1264
  • A Knowledge-Based Planner for Processing Unconstrained Underwater Videos
    Gayathri Nadarajan, Jessica Chen-Burger and Robert Fisher
    Jul 2009, EDI-INF-RR1384
  • Case-Analysis for Rippling and Inductive Proof
    Moa Johansson, Lucas Dixon and Alan Bundy
    2009, EDI-INF-RR1326
  • HealthAgents: Distributed Multi-Agent Brain Tumour Diagnosis and Prognosis
    Horacio Gonzalez-Velez, Adriana Mier Perez, Margarida Julia-Sape, Theodoros N. Arvanitis, Juan M. Garcia-Gomez, Montserrat Robles, Paul H. Lewis, Srinandan Dasmahapatra, David Dupplaw, Andrew Peet, Carles Arus, Bernardo Celda, Sabine Van Huffel and Magi Lluch i Ariet
    Jun 2009, EDI-INF-RR1132
  • Learning from experts to aid the automation of proof search
    Alan Bundy, Gudmund Grov and Cliff Jones
    Sep 2009, EDI-INF-RR1347
  • On Process Equivalence = Equation Solving in CCS
    Raul Monroy, Alan Bundy and Ian Green
    Mar 2009, EDI-INF-RR1328
  • Automatic Guidance for Refinement Based Formal Methods
    Maria Teresa Llano, Gudmund Grov and Andrew Ireland
    Apr 2010, EDI-INF-RR1371
  • Ideas for a high-level proof strategy language
    Cliff B. Jones, Gudmund Grov and Alan Bundy
    2010, EDI-INF-RR1377
  • Open Graphs and Monoidal Theories
    Lucas Dixon and Kissinger Aleks
    2010, EDI-INF-RR1394
  • Properties of IsaCoSy's Constraint Generation Algorithm
    Moa Johansson, Lucas Dixon and Alan Bundy
    2010, EDI-INF-RR1378
  • RDFa&sup2;: Interleaving Human-Readable and Machine-Readable Data
    Xi Bai, Ewan Klein and Dave Robertson
    Nov 2010, EDI-INF-RR1391
  • Towards the automatic detection and correction of errors in automatically constructed ontologies
    Andriana Gkaniatsou, Alan Bundy and Fiona McNeill
    2012, EDI-INF-RR1411

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