Centre for Intelligent Systems and their Applications Directory
Name Email Office Extn#
Paul Anderson
IF-1.24 513241
Lindsay Andrews
IF-2.34 503099
Michael Anslow
IF-2.35 514156
D K Arvind
IF-2.18 505176
Gabriela Asli Rino Nesin
David Aspinall
IF-5.12A 505177
Gareth Beedham
IF-2.34 503100
Punyanuch Borwarnginn
IF-2.35 514156
Nicola Bova
Julian Bradfield
IF-4.07 505998
Alan Bundy
IF-2.16 502716
Sofia Ceppi
IF-3.29 504630
Jessica Chen-Burger
James Cheney
IF-5.29 515658
Can Cui
IF-2.40 513007
Victor Dumitrescu
IF-1.07 502863
Rosa Filgueira Vicente
Jacques Fleuriot
IF-2.15 509342
Michael Fourman
IF-3.30 515615
Adria Gascon Caro
Andriana Gkaniatsou
IF-2.35 514156
Nigel Goddard
IF-2.26 513091
Igor Goryanin
IF-4.19A 513837
Amy Guy
IF-2.35 514156
Paul Jackson
IF-2.12 505131
Yaqing Jiang
IF-2.05 513077
Ewan Klein
IF-2.11 502705
Danai Korre
IF-2.25 504493
Xue Li
Heather Low
IF-1.37 508741
IF-2.34 502733
Ewen Maclean
IF-2.24 515639
Cat Magill
Areti Manataki
Janek Mann
IF-1.33 505182
Tania Marques
IF-1.47 508285
Tania Marques
John McAleese
Fiona McNeill
IF-2.02 509004
Gaya Nadarajan
Kobby Nuamah
IF-2.05 513077
Steven Obua
Petros Papapanagiotou
Paolo Pareti
IF-2.40 500002
Alison Pease
Suzanne Perry
IF-2.34 502685
Francisco Jose Quesada Real
Francisco josé Quesada real
Emilian Radoi
Daniel Raggi
Gordon Reid
WB-G.06 509750
Gabriela Rino Nesin
Dave Robertson
Michael Rovatsos
IF-2.12A 513263
Phil Scott
Alan Smaill
IF-2.10A 502710
Alessandro Spinuso
IF-5.34 506950
Austin Tate
IF-2.14 513222
Henry Thompson
IF-4.22 504440
Luca Trani
Aimilios Vourliotakis
IF-2.05 513077
Mila Vukomanovic
IF-2.44 515610
Bonnie Webber
IF-4.29 504190
Ole Weidner
Zhenyu Wen
IF-3.29 504630
Alan White
Fiona Williams
IF-2.20 509330
Daniel Winterstein
Cheng-lin Yang
Jano van Hemert

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