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Title:Integrating MPI-Skeletons with Web Services
Authors: Jan Duennweber ; Sergei Gorlatch ; Anne Benoit ; Murray Cole
Date:Sep 2005
Publication Title:Procs of ParCo'05
Publication Type:Conference Paper
Interoperating components, implemented in multiple programming languages, are one of the key requirements of grid computing that operates over the borders of individual hardware and software platforms. Modern grid middleware like WSRF facilitates interoperability through service-orientation but it also increases software complexity. We show that Higher-Order Components (HOCs) provide a service-oriented programming abstraction over middleware technology. By offering the pipeline skeleton from the MPI-based eSkel library as a HOC, we show how machine-oriented technologies can be made available via Web Services on grids. We bind a Java-based Web application to the HOC to demonstrate its connectivity: user defined input can be transformed in a highly performant manner by running wavelet computations remotely on parallel machines.
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