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Courses 2009/2010

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Course URL Programme Collection/s Level Points Normal Year Taken Informatics Code Delivery Period Lecturer/s
Adaptive Learning Environments 1 (Level 10)AI10104ALE1-4S2Pain
Adaptive Learning Environments 1 (Level 11)AI11105ALE1-5S2Pain
Advanced Databases (Level 10)CS10104ADBS-4S2Viglas
Advanced Databases (Level 11)CS11105ADBS-5S2Viglas
Advanced Natural Language ProcessingAI CG CL11205ANLPS1Koehn / Steedman
Advanced Vision (Level 10)AI CG10104AV-4S2Fisher
Advanced Vision (Level 11)AI CG11105AV-5S2Fisher
Advances in Programming LanguagesCS10104APLS2Aspinall / Stark
AI Large PracticalINF9103AILPS1Shimodaira
Algorithmic Game Theory and its ApplicationsCS11105AGTAS1Etessami
Algorithms and Data StructuresCS9103ADSS1Coja-Oghlan
Applied DatabasesCS NC AI CG CL11105ADS1Geerts
Automated Planning (Level 10)AI CG CL10104PLAN-4S1Wickler
Automated Planning (Level 11)AI CG CL11105PLAN-5S1Wickler
Automated Reasoning (Level 10)AI CG CL CS10104AR-4S1Bundy / Fleuriot
Automated Reasoning (Level 11)AI CG CL CS11105AR-5S1Bundy / Fleuriot
Automatic Speech RecognitionAI CG CL11105ASRS2Renals / Shimodaira
Bioinformatics 1LS CG CS 11105BIO1S1Tomlinson
Bioinformatics 2LS CG CS 11105BIO2S2Armstrong
Cognitive Modelling (Level 10)CG CL AI10104CM-4S2Goldwater
Cognitive Modelling (Level 11)CG CL AI11105CM-5S2Goldwater
Cognitive Neuroscience of LanguageCG CL AI11105CNLS1Shillcock
Communication and ConcurrencyCS10104COCS1Stirling
Compiler Optimisation (Level 10)CS10104COPT-4S2O'Boyle
Compiler Optimisation(Level 11)CS11105COPT-5S2O'Boyle
Compiling TechniquesCS9103CTS2Franke
Computability and IntractabilityCS9103CIS1Sannella / Santhanam
Computational Cognitive NeuroscienceCG11105CCNS2Series
Computational ComplexityCS10104CMCS2Santhanam
Computational Foundations of Cognitive Science 1INF8201CFCS1S2Keller / Osborne
Computational Systems BiologyLS11105CSBS2Goryanin
Computer AlgebraCS10104CAS2Kalorkoti
Computer Animation and Visualisation (Level 10)CS AI CG10104CAV-4S2Komura
Computer Animation and Visualisation (Level 11)CS AI CG11105CAV-5S2Komura
Computer ArchitectureCS9103CARS2Topham
Computer Communications and NetworksCS NC9103COMNS1Marina
Computer DesignCS9103CDS1Cintra / Topham / Franke
Computer Graphics (Level 10)CS CG10104CG-4S1Komura
Computer Graphics (Level 11)CS CG11105CG-5S1Komura
Computer Networking (Level 10)CS NC10104CN-4S1Arvind / Marina
Computer Networking (Level 11)CS NC11105CN-5S1Arvind / Marina
Computer Programming Skills and Concepts 1INF8201CP1S1Bradfield / Cryan
Computer SecurityCS9103CSS2Just
CS/SE Individual PracticalCS SE9103IPS1Gilmore
Data Integration and Exchange (Level 10)CS10104DIE-4S1Libkin
Data Integration and Exchange (Level 11)CS11105DIE-5S1Libkin
Data Mining and ExplorationAI CL CS11105DMES2Sutton
Database SystemsCS9103DBSS1Libkin
Design and Analysis of Parallel Algorithms (Level 11)CS11105DAPAS1Cole
Distributed Systems (Level 10)CS NC10104DS-4S1Mayr
Distributed Systems (Level 11)CS NC11105DS-5S1Mayr
Embedded SoftwareCS10104ESS2Franke / O'Boyle
Foundations of Natural Language ProcessingCL CG AI9103FNLPS2Thompson
Functional Programming and Specification (Level 10)CS10104FPSS2Sannella
Functional Programming and Specification (Level 9)CS9103FPSS2Sannella
Genetic Algorithms and Genetic ProgrammingAI CL9103GAGPS1Herrmann
Honours Project (Informatics)INF10404PROJYPain
Human Communication 1INF8201HC1S2Pain / Rabold
Human-Computer Interaction (Level 10)AI CG CL CS10104HCI-4S1Webb
Human-Computer Interaction (Level 11)AI CG CL CS11105HCI-5S1Webb
Informatics 1 - Computation & LogicINF8101INF1-CLS1Robertson
Informatics 1 - Data & AnalysisINF8101INF1-DAS2Simpson
Informatics 1 - Functional ProgrammingINF8101INF1-FPS1Wadler
Informatics 1 - Object-Oriented ProgrammingINF8101INF1-OPS2Klein
Informatics 2AINF8202INF2AS1Anderson / Webber
Informatics 2BINF8202INF2BS2Kalorkoti / Renals
Informatics 2CINF8202INF2CS1Stevens / Viglas
Informatics 2DINF8202INF2DS2Fleuriot / Lascarides
Informatics Entrepreneurship 1INF11105IE1S1Clouser
Informatics Entrepreneurship 2INF11105IE2S2Clouser
Informatics LiteracyINF7201IL1S1Fourman / Rabold
Informatics Research Methodologies (Level 10)INF10104IRM-4S1Bundy
Informatics Research Methodologies (Level 11)INF11105IRM-5S1Bundy
Informatics Research ProposalRI11205IRPS2Lascarides
Informatics Research ReviewRI11205IRRS1Lascarides
Information Processing in Biological CellsCG11105IPBCS1Goryachev
Intelligent Autonomous Robotics (Level 10)AI10104IAR-4S1Webb
Intelligent Autonomous Robotics (Level 11)AI11105IAR-5S1Webb
Introduction to Cognitive ScienceCG CL AI9103ICSS1Steedman
Introduction to Java ProgrammingINF9105IJPS1Goddard
Introduction to Vision and RoboticsAI CG9103IVRS1Fisher / Herrmann
Introductory Applied Machine LearningAI CL CS CG LS9103IAMLS1Lavrenko / Williams
Knowledge Modelling and Management (Level 10)AI CG CL NC10104KMM-4S2Aitken
Knowledge Modelling and Management (Level 11)AI CG CL NC11105KMM-5S2Aitken
Language Semantics and ImplementationCS9103LSIS2Simpson / Stirling
Logic ProgrammingAI CG CL CS9103LPS1Cheney / Smaill
Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition (Level 10)AI CL CS CG LS10104MLPR-4S2Storkey
Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition (Level 11)AI CL CS CG LS11105MLPR-5S2Storkey
Machine Translation (Level 10)CL CG AI10104MT-4S2Koehn / Osborne
Machine Translation (Level 11)CL CG AI11105MT-5S2Koehn / Osborne
Methods for the Analysis of NetworksCS CG11105MANS1Coja-Oghlan / Danos
MInf Project Phase 1INF10204MPP1S2Pain
MInf Project Phase 2INF11605MPP2YPain
MInf Project PlanningINF10204MPPS1Pain
Models and Languages for Computational Systems BiologyINF11105MLCSBS2Stark
MSc Dissertation (Informatics)RI11605DISSB5+Lascarides
Multi-agent Semantic Web Systems (Level 10)AI CG CL NC10104MASWS-4S2Klein
Multi-agent Semantic Web Systems (Level 11)AI CG CL NC11105MASWS-5S2Klein
Music InformaticsINF11105MIS2Smaill
Natural Language Generation (Level 10)AI CL CG10104NLG-4S2Moore / Oberlander
Natural Language Generation (Level 11)AI CL CG11105NLG-5S2Moore / Oberlander
Natural Language Understanding (Level 10)AI CL CG10104NLU-4S2Goldwater / Keller
Natural Language Understanding (Level 11)AI CL CG11105NLU-5S2Goldwater / Keller
Neural ComputationCG11105NCS1van Rossum
Neural Information ProcessingCG11105NIPS2van Rossum
Neuroinformatics ResearchRI11205NRS2Series
Operating SystemsCS9103OSS1Bradfield
Parallel Architectures (Level 10)CS10104PA-4S2Cintra
Parallel Architectures (Level 11)CS11105PA-5S2Cintra
Parallel Programming Languages and Systems (Level 10)CS NC10104PPLS-4S2Cintra / Cole
Parallel Programming Languages and Systems (Level 11)CS NC11105PPLS-5S2Cintra / Cole
Performance Modelling (Level 10)CS10104PM-4S1Etessami / Gilmore
Performance Modelling (Level 11)CS11105PM-5S1Etessami / Gilmore
Probabilistic Modelling and ReasoningAI CL CS11105PMRS1Williams
Professional IssuesINF10103PIS2Anderson
Querying and Storing XMLCS10104QSXS2Fan
Reinforcement LearningAI11105RLS1Ramamoorthy
Software Architecture, Process, and Management (Level 10)SE10104SAPM-4S2Stevens
Software Architecture, Process, and Management (Level 11)SE11105SAPM-5S2Stevens
Software Engineering with Objects and ComponentsSE CS9103SEOCS1Felici
Software TestingSE9103STS2Hughes
Structure and Synthesis of Robot MotionAI11105SSRMS2Ramamoorthy
Synthetic Biology: ModellingLS11105SBMS1Danos
System Design ProjectINF9203SDPS2Wadler
System Level Integration PracticalCS10104SLIPS1Arvind
Text Technologies (Level 10)AI CG CL10104TTS-4S1Lavrenko
Text Technologies (Level 11)AI CG CL11105TTS-5S1Lavrenko
Theories of Mind (Level 10)AI CG CL10104TM-4S1Schweizer
Theories of Mind (Level 11)AI CG CL11105TM-5S1Schweizer
Topics in Distributed DatabasesCS11105TDDS2Fan