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Courses 2007/2008

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Course Title Subject Area/s Level Points Normal Year Taken Informatics Code Delivery Period Lecturer/s
Advanced Databases (Level 10)CSO - DBS10104ADBS-4S2Viglas
Advanced Databases (Level 11)CSO - DBS11105ADBS-5S2Viglas
Advanced Vision (Level 10)IRO - VPA10104AV-4S2Fisher
Advanced Vision (Level 11)IRO - VPA11105AV-5S2Fisher
Advances in Programming LanguagesPLT10104APLS2Stark
Agent Based SystemsKRR9103ABSS2Rovatsos
AI Large PracticalINF9103AILPS1Shimodaira
Algorithmic Game Theory and its ApplicationsTCS11105AGTAS2Etessami
Algorithms and Data StructuresTCS9103ADSS1Cryan
Applied DatabasesBIO - DBS - LFD - NCC - NEU11105ADS1Buneman
Automated PlanningIR - KRR - LPR11105PLANS1Wickler (for Tate)
Automated Reasoning (Level 10)KRR - TCS10104AR-4S1Fleuriot
Automated Reasoning (Level 11)KRR - TCS11105AR-5S1Fleuriot
Automatic Speech RecognitionSPR11105ASRS2Shimodaira / Renals
Bioinformatics 1BIO - CSB - DBS - LSC - NEU11105BIO1S1Tomlinson
Bioinformatics 2BIO - CSB - DBS - LSC - NEU11105BIO2S2Armstrong
Cognitive Modelling (Level 10)CNS - KRR - VPA10104CM-4S2Keller
Cognitive Modelling (Level 11)CNS - KRR - VPA11105CM-5S2Keller
Cognitive Neuroscience of LanguageCNS - LP - VPA11105CNLS1Shillcock
Communication and ConcurrencyCSB - TCS10104COCS1Stirling
Compiler Optimisation (Level 10)CSO - PDC - PLT10104COPT-4S2O'Boyle
Compiler Optimisation(Level 11)CSO - PDC - PLT11105COPT-5S2O'Boyle
Compiling TechniquesPLT9103CTS2Franke
Computability and IntractabilityTCS9103CIS1Sannella
Computational Cognitive NeuroscienceCNS - NEU - VPA11105CCNS2Goddard
Computational Foundations of Cognitive Science 1INF8201CFCS1S2Keller / Osborne
Computational Methods for Global Change ResearchINF - LSC - LFD11105CMGCRS2Goddard
Computational Neuroscience of VisionCNS - NEU - VPA11105CNVS2Bednar
Computational Systems BiologyCSB - LSC11105CSBS2Goryanin
Computer Animation (Level 10)CSO10104CAN-4S2Komura
Computer Animation (Level 11)CSO11105CAN-5S2Komura
Computer ArchitectureCSO9103CARS2Topham
Computer Communications and NetworksCSO - NCC - PDC9103COMNS2Marina
Computer DesignCSO9103CDS1McKenzie
Computer Graphics (Level 10)CSO - VPA10104CG-4S1McKenzie
Computer Graphics (Level 11)CSO - VPA11105CG-5S1McKenzie
Computer Literacy 1INF7201CL1S1Butler
Computer Networking (Level 10)NCC - PDC10104CN-4S1Arvind
Computer Networking (Level 11)NCC - PDC11105CN-5S1Arvind
Computer Programming Skills and Concepts 1INF8201CP1S1Cintra / Koehn
Computer SecurityPDC9103CSS2Aspinall
CS/SE Individual PracticalINF9103IPS1Jackson
Data Integration and Exchange (Level 10)DBS10104DIE-4S1Libkin
Data Integration and Exchange (Level 11)DBS11105DIE-5S1Libkin
Data Mining and ExplorationBIO - LFD - PDC11105DMES2Storkey
Database SystemsDBS9103DBSS1Buneman
Database Systems ImplementationDBS9103DSIS2Viglas
Design and Analysis of Parallel Algorithms (Level 11)PDC11105DAPAS1Cole
Dialog and Natural Language GenerationLPR - SPR11105DNLGS2Moore
Distributed Systems (Level 10)NCC - PDC10104DS-4S1Franke
Distributed Systems (Level 11)NCC - PDC11105DS-5S1Franke
Embedded SoftwareCSO10104ESS2O'Boyle
Empirical Methods in Natural Language ProcessingBIO - LPR - LFD - SPR11105EMNLPS2Koehn
Energy Aware Computing (Level 10)CSO10104EAC-4S1Efthymiou
Energy Aware Computing (Level 11)CSO11105EAC-5S1Efthymiou
Enterprise ComputingPDC9103ECS2Gilmore
Formal Programming Language SemanticsTCS10104FPLSS1Longley
Fundamentals of Artificial IntelligenceKRR9105FAIS1Smaill
Genetic Algorithms and Genetic ProgrammingBIO - IRO - LFD9103GAGPS1Hayes
Honours Project (Informatics)INF10404PROJYCryan
Human Communication 1INF8201HC1S2Lascarides and Thompson
Human-Computer Interaction (Level 10)CSO - KRR10104HCI-4S1Aspinall / Webb
Human-Computer Interaction (Level 11)CSO - KRR11105HCI-5S1Aspinall / Webb
Informatics 1AINF8201INF1AS1Wadler / Robertson
Informatics 1BINF8201INF1BS2Simpson / Bradfield
Informatics 2AINF8202INF2AS1Anderson / Webber
Informatics 2BINF8202INF2BS2Renals / Cryan
Informatics 2CINF8202INF2CS1Stevens / Efthymiou
Informatics 2DINF8202INF2DS2Fleuriot / Rovatsos
Informatics Entrepreneurship 1INF11105IE1S1Lee
Informatics Entrepreneurship 2INF11105IE2S2Lee
Informatics Research Methodologies (Level 10)INF10104IRM-4S1Bundy
Informatics Research Methodologies (Level 11)INF11105IRM-5S1Bundy
Informatics Research ProposalRII11205IRPS2Lascarides
Informatics Research ReviewRII11205IRRS1Lascarides
Intelligent Autonomous Robotics (Level 10)IRO10104IAR-4S2Webb
Intelligent Autonomous Robotics (Level 11)IRO11105IAR-5S2Webb
Introduction to Cognitive ScienceCNS - VPA - LPR9103ICSS1Steedman
Introduction to Java ProgrammingINF9105IJPS1Goddard
Introduction to Vision and RoboticsIRO - VPA9103IVRS1Fisher
Knowledge Modelling and Management (Level 10)KRR - NCC10104KMM-4S2Aitken (for Tate)
Knowledge Modelling and Management (Level 11)KRR - NCC11105KMM-5S2Aitken (for Tate)
Knowledge Representation and InferenceKRR9103KRIS2Smaill
Language Semantics and ImplementationTCS9103LSIS2Stirling / Simpson
Learning from Data (Level 10)BIO - CSB - DBS - IRO - LPR - LFD - LSC - SPR10104LFD-4S1Storkey
Learning from Data (Level 11)BIO - CSB - DBS - IRO - LPR - LFD - LSC - SPR11105LFD-5S1Storkey
Linguistic and Computational Theories of GrammarLP11205LCTGS1Steedman
Logic and Automata (Level 10)TCS10104LA-4S2Libkin
Logic and Automata (Level 11)TCS11105LA-5S2Libkin
Logic ProgrammingKRR - PLT9103LPS1Robertson
Modelling and Simulation (Level 10)CSO - CSB - TCS10104MS-4S1Etessami / Gilmore
Modelling and Simulation (Level 11)CSO - CSB - TCS11105MS-5S1Etessami / Gilmore
Models and Languages for Computational Systems BiologyCSB11105MLCSBS2Stark
MSc Dissertation (Informatics)RII11605DISSB5+Lascarides
Multi-agent Semantic Web Systems (Level 10)KRR - NCC10104MASWS-4S2Klein
Multi-agent Semantic Web Systems (Level 11)KRR - NCC11105MASWS-5S2Klein
Neural ComputationBIO - CSB - CNS - NEU11105NCS2van Rossum
Neural Information ProcessingNEU11105NIPS2Williams / van Rossum
Operating SystemsCSO9103OSS1Bradfield
Parallel Architectures (Level 10)CSO - PDC10104PA-4S2Cintra
Parallel Architectures (Level 11)CSO - PDC11105PA-5S2Cintra
Parallel Programming Languages and Systems (Level 10)NCC - PDC - PLT10104PPLS-4S2Cole
Parallel Programming Languages and Systems (Level 11)NCC - PDC - PLT11105PPLS-5S2Cole
Probabilistic Modelling and ReasoningBIO - CSB - DBS - IRO - LFD11105PMRS1Williams
Professional IssuesINF10103PIS2Butler
Programming with the Bio-languagesBIO - CSB11105PBLS2Blaxter
Querying and Storing XMLDBS10104QSXS2Fan
Reinforcement LearningBIO - IRO - LFD - VPA11105RLS2Hayes
Research Topics in Software EngineeringSEG11105RTSES2Stevens
Semantics and Pragmatics of Natural Language Processing (Level 10)LPR10104SPNLP-4S2Lascarides / Klein
Semantics and Pragmatics of Natural Language Processing (Level 11)LPR11105SPNLP-5S2Lascarides / Klein
Software Architecture, Process, and Management (Level 10)SEG10104SAPM-4S2Bednar
Software Architecture, Process, and Management (Level 11)SEG11105SAPM-5S2Bednar
Software Engineering with Objects and ComponentsSEG - PLT9103SEOCS1Felici
Software TestingSEG9103STS2Hughes
System Design ProjectINF9203SDPS2Butler
System Level Integration PracticalCSO10104SLIPS1Arvind
Text Technologies (Level 10)BIO - LPR10104TTS-4S1Osborne
Text Technologies (Level 11)BIO - LPR11105TTS-5S1Osborne
Theories of Mind (Level 10)KRR10104TM-4S1Schweizer
Theories of Mind (Level 11)KRR11105TM-5S1Schweizer
Topics in Distributed DatabasesDBS - PDC11105TDDS2Fan
Types and Programming LanguagesPLT10104TPLS2Wadler
Visualisation (Level 10)BIO - CSO - LFD - VPA10104VIS-4S2Komura
Visualisation (Level 11)BIO - CSO - LFD - VPA11105VIS-5S2Komura